Review: Grayson #10

Chris Barnes Chris Barnes
July 31st, 2015

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Review: Grayson #10

Grayson is one of the most interesting stories in comics and we have all the angles covered for you here on ComiConverse!

If you haven't been reading DC Comics Grayson, you should be!  You can check out the main reasons why in a previous article I wrote right here.  If you're looking for a quick run down of what's currently happening for Agent 37, look no further as I review for you Grayson #10.


This month's installment of Grayson features the usual team of Seeley and King writing, Janin providing art and Cox doing the colours.  Having the usual team together is a great thing because, as always, the book looks beautiful with eye popping panels and the type of witty dialogue and plot movement I'd expect from a book starring Dick Grayson.

This issue picks up immediately where the last one left off with Grayson fleeing a museum where he's just lifted a green jewel from a Duchess, and knocked out his mission partner, Agent 1. The knocking out of his partner is done because, as revealed in the last issue, murders are trailing Grayson around on each of his assignments and made to look as if he is doing them. Grayson needs to separate from Agent 1 and gets orders to knock out his partner.


Helena Bertinelli, now Director of Spyral, tells Agent 1 to let the issue with Grayson go as she has a more pressing mission for him, but also because she is the one that told Grayson to knock him out!  Meanwhile, Grayson is meeting with the pickup for the jewel he just acquired, who turns out to be none other than Lex Luthor! Dick naturally puts two and two together and refuses to give the green jewel to Lex. Here is where we find out something very important during this interaction between Lex and Dick and that is that the hypnos technology that Spyral uses was created, designed, and modified by the criminal genius.  Lex uses this advantage to attempt to control Grayson, but the former boy wonder distracts Lex and then escapes.


Agent 37 decides he should be checking up on his partner, Agent 1, and tries to make contact with Batman who is still missing in action at this point leaving Grayson to forge his own path without the advice of his mentor.

That's the quickest rundown of the issue I can give, but a few pictures and my words hardly do the book justice.  Seriously this is a title you want to be reading as it covers so many genres of literature all at once.  It's a spy book, it's a superhero book, it's a mystery book all rolled into one.  The tone is just this side of James Bond, while still managing to keep Dick Grayson true to his roots somehow. The writing and dialogue are genius.


The icing on the whole cake though is the consistent level of amazingly fantastic art. Janin finds great angles and terrific panel layouts to convey the drama and action in the story focusing on all the right beats at all the right times.  Along with that are Cox's colours and shading which are always spot on and give a real depth to Janin's art even without the typical hatching and cross hatching.

At a mere $3.99 per month (and even less if you subscribe like I do) this is a title that is a home run each and every month so far.

For me this issue is a 10/10.

Did you read this month's issue of Grayson?

What did you think of it?

Where do you think this story is going?

Let us know in the comments below or simply hit us up on twitter and tell us your opinion.


Chris Barnes is a Contributor to ComiConverse. Follow him on Twitter: @Chrispy47

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