Review: Batman vs Robin

Erik Fair Erik Fair
July 8th, 2015

Review: Batman vs Robin

Batman vs Robin was a great addition to the DC Animated stable, and we have a review for you here on ComiConverse.

Another thrilling, action packed instalment in DC's ever growing library of critically acclaimed animated films. Batman vs Robin strongly builds upon the dynamic between Bruce and Damian Wayne while successfully integrating fresh comic book mythos via Greg Snyder's New 52 story arch, "The Court of Owls".

Summary and Critique: 

Opening with a familiar sight, a black glove shifting gears in the Batmobile: only revealed to be a hooded Damian Wayne behind the wheel.

Batman vs. Robin picks up right where Son of Batman left off, with an uneasy alliance between Batman and his newly minted partner, Robin.  "Justice! Not Vengeance." growls Jason O'Mara's Batman as he tries instilling how killing is never the answer to his trained assassin of a son.  Fans who haven't never liked Grant Morrison's creation will continue to have disdain for the character as he is as entitled and defiant as ever here.


Those who can get over the "little brat" and sit back and watch will very much enjoy the film in front of them.  With excellent voice acting all around, powerful glimpses into Bruce Wayne's past that actually do not feel like retreading  the same waters, this sequel (the first of DC's animated films to establish a continuity) is big step up above the previous film in terms of writing and action.  Taking full advantage of it's ability to have R-rated cartoon violence, it is absolutely liberating to see Batman and Robin's batarangs piercing the skin of opponents and ninjas actually using their weapons to stab people.

The ninjas in question are apart of the Court of Owls. Composed of the wealthy citizens of Gotham and their army, lead by a man named Talon.  Providing an excellent foil for Batman in his fight for control over his son as well as his city.  The less said about them the better but people who enjoyed the recent "New 52" story will appreciate the adaptation, as it reenact several iconic moments including a siege on the Batcave that culminates in a climactic battle featuring Batman in a gigantic, Hulkbuster-esque armor as well as Alfred firing a shotgun.


The heart of the film though is the battle for Damian's soul, the ten year old boy that could not be any further from reality.  This gives several opportunities for entertaining scenes amongst the Batfamily, with a great sparring match that pits former Robin, Dick Grayson against the true son of the Bat. Wonderfully echoing Damian's first vengeful meeting with Tim Drake.  Batman in this film actually gets a few moments of vulnerability as the Court of Owls are a new formidable foe he has never dealt with before, pushing him around through new environments and against new adversaries.  By the end, this Batman earns his place amongst the other insanely loved iterations, erasing the mixed reactions to Son of Batman and again proving that DC Entertainment is the king of superhero animation.

Oh, and as the title suggests, there is an incredibly well done physical fight between Batman and a feral Robin that doesn't hold back on the fisticuffs, you'll have to watch to see who comes out on top though.

Batman vs Robin is available for download on iTunes.


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