Reboots & Remakes: Do We Need Them?‏

Jordan Samuel Jordan Samuel
July 7th, 2015

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Reboots & Remakes: Do We Need Them?‏

While re-watching Terminator Genisys this question flew into my mind: Do we need really these constant rehashes?

Hollywood has lost its way with reboots and remakes coming out every single week it seems. - but

Do we really need them?Growing up, original movies were everywhere, from the first wave comic book films like Spider-Man and Blade to the golden era we live in today.

Now it seems like the world has gone crazy for reboots, which is not surprising because just like the cowboy boom back in the day, this was inevitable. Big properties rack up the big bucks, which means that hollywood will seek exploit us - the fans.

I think that we can all agree that the movie industry is pushing reboots because they know that quick money can be made with trusted franchises like the recent Jurassic World, which broke box office records.


Let me stress that these movies aren't harming the industry, instead they're just providing unoriginal ideas for this newer generation of moviegoers and consumers.

Sometimes the films come out to critical acclaim, like the most recent Mad Max movie that surprised fans all around the world with immense action and an interesting story. That film had the perfect mix of old and new.

But sadly, the majority of reboots aren't that well one; like the awful Total Recall and equally bad Robocop.

Did we really need those movies?  This is question that needs to be asked to big studios.

Can we have some more original ideas for once?

I agree the early days in cinema are now over, but that doesn't mean we can't have new movies with excellent writing. Reboots are fine to me because some franchises deserve it, like the Power Rangers, who will be hitting the big screen in 2017, but only if the script is good and it makes sense; because God knows these characters deserve something of quality in the cinemas.

Something that recently came out and did well was Mad Max: Fury Road, which set a tone in the first couple minutes with crazy action. It came out to critical acclaim and, in my opinion, was the best movie of 2015; with the over-the-top nature and brilliant set pieces that did not rely on the previous films. An absolute masterpiece that showcases how reboots can be done correctly.


Most movies aren't so careful, they just assume that you have watched the previous films in the franchise. This same thing happened to Terminator Genisys (which I enjoyed), making it harder for younger people to enjoy the latest edition. Having a film that is alien to newcomers serves no purpose.

Star Trek (2009) struck this balance very well, giving us alternative timelines that didn't alienate older fans and kept the new generation happy, even though the sequel did not follow that premise.

I believe there should be some sort of rule-of-thumb, where remakes can only be made once the original hits a certain age; meaning that shameless cash grabs won't be released as often.

The problem lies with this generation.

We never really think about what movies we're watching, even though they're identical to the original film. This means that studios will keep pushing remakes down are throats, until audiences make them think twice.

We need to stand up for lame remakes and push the industry into providing us with original ideas because these films are seriously polluting the next generation of movie lovers with recycled stories that don't do anything for the industry for the fans.

Time will tell if that day comes, but for now expect many more reboots and remakes in the coming years from beloved franchises.

But before you spend hard earned cash, ask yourself a question.

Do we really need these films?


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