Power Rangers: A Complete Guide To Upcoming Projects

Karen Roguski Karen Roguski
January 31st, 2016

I am just a small town girl from Kansas attempting to write her way into an alternate universe; too bad I'm not a comic or cartoon that can be morphed. Hope you enjoy my take on the world, one written piece at a time.

Power Rangers: A Complete Guide To Upcoming Projects

Our Karen Roguski is a fairly huge Power Rangers fan, so its with some excitement that she updates us on the Power Rangers news that's on its way to us in 2016 and beyond.

Power Rangers are set to morph their way into the hearts of young and old during the upcoming year. Delightful reboots, unexpected continuations, and hopeful speculation will soon to take over.

The Comics:

The newest comic, issue #0, for the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers dropped on January 13, 2016. A tale of goodness by Kyle Higgins on behalf of BOOM!; all for the low cover price of only $3.99. The story is said to take place following the events of Green with Evil, but with a modern twist. Higgins takes the writing very seriously and, rather than remake the 90's, he's rebooting the arc with "grown-ups" in mind.

In an interview Fanboy Comics, Higgens explained that he has found areas of non-explanation not explored on television. He is choosing to show us more on the spirit of the different characters. This take allows him to show a teenagers current high school life. The Green Ranger serves as an audience proxy that he hopes sucks the readers in as they feel his struggles and emotional path.

Reviews are glowing.

A total of three arcs is set to make up a total of 12 issues with Issue 1 due out this March.

The Film:

Think back to the 1990's, when we met Kimberly Hart, (Pink-Pterodactyl), Zach Taylor, (Black-Mastodon), Billy Cranston, (Blue-Triceratops), Jason Lee Scott, (Red-Tyrannosaurs), and Trini Kwan, (Yellow-Sabre Toothed Tiger) and we have the team that made the Power Rangers one of the longest running shows of its kind. It grew in a huge way to give us well over 22 years and counting of action, that as of yet still shows no true signs of slowing.

What a great time to make a movie!

Cast selection have been getting nice reactions from the masses with Becky Gomez playing Trini, R. J. Cyler as Billy, Ludi Lin playing Zach, Darce Montgomery as Jason and Naomi Scott plays Kimberly.

The Power Ranger movie (2017) is filming is being held, in Vancouver, from January thru April. This is to be the third official franchise movie to be released. Opening with a battle scene, rumours claim that Repulsa and Lord Zedd will not be the main antagonists. As of publication, this edition of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers are presumed as Dino Charged.

Steve Hamilton, known for his visual effects in movies such as Tomb Raider, Prometheus, Xmen: Apocalypse and The Harry Potter Series, was really surprised when he read the script. Writers Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz, from Marvel's Thor and X-Men: First Class will be helping to give the movie the modern edge we keep being hinted. Directed by Dean Israllite with producers Brian Casentini and Allison Shearmur the team will join forces with Haim Saban the original 1993 creator to bring us a mature but playful variation of the classic 1990's film that has been remade by Lionsgate Studios.

Power Rangers has been officially slotted to release on March 24, 2017.

DVD and Blue Ray:

The official release of Ninja Sentai Kakuranger: The Complete Series on DVD will be coming out from Shout! Factory sometime in 2016, a Japanese television show named for international distribution.

Action footage of the show appeared in multiple showing of the Power Rangers with the earliest occurring during Mighty Morphin Power Rangers season three.

Originally the series consisted of 53 episodes as well as a between the episode's movie. No date had been set as of this publishing.

The Fandom:

The Official Power Morphicon 5 Convention 2016 will be held August 12-14, 2016 in Pasadena, California. Power Morphicon is the First and only official Power Ranger Convention; not to mention the Largest gathering of cast and crew in the world. Super Sentai and Henshin actors Yuuta Mochizuki, Seiju Umon, Reiko Chiba, Takumi Hashimoto and Keiichi Wada will arrive from Japan just for this event. Guests from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers already known include Austin St. John and David Fielding.

The Show:

Television broadcasting that began in 1993 will soon be ending for good after 23 years. Saban is ending the contract with Nickelodeon. Nickelodeon, however, has only had the series since 2011. Power Rangers Ninja Steel will kick off with Season 24 launching on Netflix with 32 episodes being rumored.

power rangers

Credit: Nickelodeon

Even though we are not getting a movie this month, as it was originally suggested, we still maintain a fun filled year of Power Ranger magic in anticipation of one of the greatest movies. I have so many happy and thought-provoking memories based upon this particular portion of the series, so here's hoping that we all really enjoy it.

Hurry up 2016 and let 2017 commence with the long awaited return of the ♪ ♫ Go Go Power Rangers ♪ ♫.

Mighty Morphin Quick Timeline

- Comic issue #0 from Boom Studios hit stores in January of 2016.

- Issue #1 from Boom Studios comes out March of 2016.

- Movie scheduled to begin filming in Vancouver January- April, 2016.

- The Official Power Morphicon Convention set for August 12-14, 2016.

- Release of Ninja Sentai Kakuranger coming from Shout! Factory in 2016!

- Third movie of the franchise set to release on March 24, 2017.

- Television broadcasting will be ending for good after 23 years.

- Season 24 of Power Rangers Ninja Steel will relaunch on Netflix in 2017.

Have another Power Rangers project you'd like to mentioned? Let us know in the comments section.


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