Paris Comic Con: A Colourful Event

Elodie Cure Elodie Cure
October 31st, 2016

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Recently, (21st to the 23rd of October), Paris Comic Con invited itself in le Grand Halle de la Villette for the pleasure of numerous fans in the City of Lights.

Paris Comic Con: A Colourful Event

This event that has just closed its doors, and it had a lot to do to become the new unmissable rendez-vous of geeks in Paris.

Let’s go back to those three days and find out if they were convincing or disappointing.

Paris Comic Con at le Halle de la Villette. Credit : Elodie Cure

Credit: Elodie Cure @ Paris Comic Con

Paris Comic Con: France Gives It A Try

Despite the fact that numerous conventions focusing on particular series and films that have emerged the past few years in France, it was high time that a more general event reflecting the American Comic Con style established itself on the other side of the globe. Reed Pop Expo was obviously sharing the same point of view and eventually took the risk to create it. For the second successive year, the organizers set themselves a new challenge; to gather comics, TV show, film and video game fans under the same roof. This second colourful edition paves the way for the future events.

Paris Comic Con: Convention Itinerary

As every event worthy of the name comic con, the Paris weekend offers a diversified schedule over three days, juggling between a wide range of activities, guest meetings and geeky talks.

To begin with, the convention opened on an exhibition of the original costumes and accessories from the Warcraft film released earlier this year.

Original Warcraft outfits. Credit : Elodie Cure

Credit: Elodie Cure @ Paris Comic Con

Then, 90 expo displays and ten or so activities and games were settled over more than 18.000m² of space.

A large choice of products were spread under the eyes of fans on the look-out for the next item that will be add to their collections. Among these, funkos were sold in plenty, clothes and cosplay objects brightened up the entire building and unique creations were everywhere. With no doubt, there were enough choices to make you lose the sense of time and space for a day.

Funkos at Paris Comic Con. Credit : Elodie Cure

Credit: Elodie Cure @ Paris Comic Con

In parallel, the visitors were able to please their curiosity with some entertaining activities. Indeed, the young sci-fi amateurs could initiate themselves with light-saber manipulation, to come to blows with some adversaries at Street Fighter as they were given the opportunity to experiment with virtual reality.

Conferences and talks with actors also punctuated this crazy week-end. To quote some examples, the actress Eliza Dushku spoke out on her role in Buffy The Vampire Slayer and her career, while Mike Colter discussed the Luke Cage series where he performs as the main character. Unfortunately, those panels had limited places and many participants were denied access after  a long wait.

However, the pop-culture event caught up this flaw by ending with the preview screening of anticipated Doctor Strange featuring Benedict Cumberbatch. A very positive highlight as this film will only be released the 6th of November in America.

Paris Comic Con: Cosplayers Invasion

Disguise has always been an integral part of comic cons from all around the world and Paris also followed this tradition. Cosplayers donned their best superhero attire and cheerfully entered into the spirit of the game by posing for all the fans that shouted at them.

Cosplayers at Paris Comic Con. Credit : Elodie Cure

Credit: Elodie Cure @ Paris Comic Con

Not to forget the Star Wars parade that took shape on Sunday which turned out to be rather impressive and a real delight.

Star Wars parade at Paris Comic Con. Credit : Elodie Cure

Credit: Elodie Cure @ Paris Comic Con

Paris Comic Con: A Promising Future?

Despite some apparent flaws and too small a building, the good spirited and geeky atmosphere was genuinely apparent to all. The guests were relaxed and accessible while the visitors threw themselves into the activities wholeheartedly and shared their passions with other people.

Let’s also give credit to the organizers who tried to create an exclusive week-end and had to cope with the last minute cancellation of Katie Cassidy and the timetable change of Dominic Purcell.

Mike Colter aka Luke Cage at Paris Comic Con. Credit : Elodie Cure

Credit: Elodie Cure @ Paris Comic Con

Clearly, Comic Con Paris still has a long way to go in the process of being as successful as their American counterparts, but it possesses promising possibilities. As long as the organisers carry on wanting to improve and do well because the fans are already asking for more.

That’s why, its no surprise, the dates of the 2017 Paris Comic Con have already been announced.

It will take place from the 27th to the 29th of October.

So mark your calendars and see you next year !


Elodie Cure is a Contributor to ComiConverse. Follow her on Twitter @Elodie_Cure

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