Nerdcast: The Official Podcast of ComiConverse

Dean Carls II Dean Carls II
June 7th, 2015

I was born in Detroit, and I was raised on hockey, music, and a skewering of pop culture and nerdisms. Needless to say, I was the only kid on the hockey team with a mohawk and a Batman practice jersey. Mix in the little taste I've developed for fine, craft beers, and I'd say that's a pretty good summary of my life, boring right? Yeah well some people called Peter Parker boring too....

Nerdcast: The Official Podcast of ComiConverse


What can we say that isn’t in our name?

It’s a podcast, about all things nerd, from the panels to the big screen, simple enough right?

Sure that’s a great way to sum up the subject matter of this podcast, but not a very flattering way to sum it up as a whole. It has much, much more to offer.

First off, Nerdcast is one thing above everything else: it is sociable, sociable in a sense of you will find yourself chatting back to your speakers with your opinion. The cast of characters behind the scenes are adept at bringing conversations to the forefront and making it feel like an actual dialogue you could be involved in. As opposed to hearing guests lecture on on their own opinion about whatever subjects may be at hand, Nerdcast tries to get at the heart of the matter and connect with you.

The second thing you'll notice instantly is the mixture of accents. The show stretches across the pond and brings together the guests from the United Kingdom and the United States. Like the Allies of the podcasting world, ready to stamp out the tyranny of boredom and misinformation!

In all seriousness though, the multinational personalities of the show really breathe fresh air into the show. Now if everyone on the show was from one side of the Atlantic or the other, would it really make a difference in the show and my personal opinion? Probably not. But I do think that fans from different lands come with different views and different perspectives.

There are multiple outlooks with our crew, which makes for great conversation. Great conversations are a lost art and there aren’t too many places left to find it in this world.

Perhaps the most important thing this show has to offer is knowledge and true love of knowledge! One conversation in a recent episode about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoons had me as feeling as nostalgic as an elf on the day after Christmas. It really made us feel like we were surrounded by - dare I say - peers.


It’s refreshing to listen to a podcast that is independent and making its way through the world on the pure love and adoration for a culture that they represent.  It may seem an easy but it’s not. On Nerdcast you'll meet people who've  stuck with geek culture through thick and thin. People who have bought books since they were $2.00 cover price, who have witnessed their greatest heroes go through a Civil War, a Zombie Apocalypse, and an Infinite Crisis. They are true four color junkies.

We are a community. Whether you’ve been in the community a day, a month, or what may seem like an eternity, you are accepted, and it is just a relief to know that there are others who feel the same way you do; others who share the same passions.

Which leads me to wrap-up our introduction on Nerdcast, which will include the names and Twitter handles of those involved with our podcast, and of course this little tid-bit of information…(clears throat).

Nerdcast is  now the official podcast the one and only ComiConverse! So head over to the Nercast Soundcloud page and give them a listen and maybe, just maybe, take time out to ComiConverse with them!

Jordan - @Loadingba
Dale - @Laserclops
Roger - @ItsYourBoyR2
Ryan – rmayer94
Micah – 2GeekyReviews7
Cyprus - @Lady_Cyprus

Nerdcast is the official podcast of ComiConverse. Follow them on Twitter: @Nerdcasted

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