Nerdcast News Announcement

Jordan Samuel Jordan Samuel
June 18th, 2015

Content Editor, Film Critic and Writer for, the Founder and co-host of the official Nerdcast Network Podcast

Nerdcast News Announcement

Nerdcast News Announcement

Hello ComiConverse Community!

How are you?

I’m Jordan the founder of Nerdcast which has been going through some major changes in the last month to be the greatest podcast on the net.

The day is quickly approaching for our official launch in July which is around the corner and its crazy to think that w­e have come some far from just thinking about this dream to ComiConverse with the comic world.

I never thought you guys would latch on to our project in the beginning but your support has been awe inspiring on Social Media and even on the website with Dean Carls writing that sweet first post in our section.

Our team is constantly growing at rapid pace with new members being added in to the mix seemly every week bringing in some diverse personalities to your ears from the States and across the pond in my home city London.

I’m writing this post to announce something that is in development over at the Nerdcast HQ and that is Nerdcast News.

You might be wondering what its all about.

At first, this incredible idea came to my head while we were recording the last episode of the Podcast, where we talked about The Punisher and Jurassic World.

What happens if Saturday is not your day?

What if you have no time to watch the main show?

What if you could just watch bitsize versions of the news stories talked about on the Podcast?

And with that Nerdcast News was born.

The team is far away from making this dream reality and with only six members this will take forever to get edited and recorded but with some new hosts for this series we could speed up this idea with different personalities.

We have been circulating this idea of Weekly Shows being hosted on our YouTube channel. We already have two going up each week hosted by the podcast members.

Things have been going great, but we want more!

Something that will keep you involved throughout the days with our weekly content.

So are you interested in helping us out?

We are looking for some male and female contributors who can bring this project to life; hosting this daily show where we talk about news and geek culture.

Its early days now, but we're holding try-outs from next week onwards for people to start hosting the show, which will premiere on our YouTube page this summer.

It will be structured similar to the pretty amazing Clevver Movies, with the host appearing on camera and talking about the biggest news in the industry.

There is something about finding the right personality who will jell with the audience.

ComiConverse and Nerdcast are taking a shot at this goal, with our own little twist of course.

This will have to be something daily or weekly where you will just geek out with the camera for us giving the community another place to hear the latest stories.

For now, if you’re free please send us an email on to tell us your skills and subject from comics, film or even gaming.

Anyone can join us on this endeavour, but where looking for people who will speak out for this community giving their own opinions on such subject with insight and passion from all walks of life.

Are you interested?

Drop us some love in the comments on send us messages via Twitter @Nerdcasted

Jordan Samuel is a Contributor for ComiConverse.  Follow him on Twitter @Loadingba

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