Nerdcast Episode 19

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July 1st, 2015

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Nerdcast Episode 19

ComiConverse is back with Episode 19 of the Nerdcast podcast. Today’s host, Jordan, is joined by Roger, Ryan, and Micah to talk about the latest happenings in pop culture including, Tom Holland as Spiderman, Warner Brothers' plans for Green lantern, and Ava DuVernay directing Black Panther.

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Nerdcast Podcast Ep. 19 Topics



It’s finally over.  The suspense is done! It was beginning to feel like a Wild West standoff between Marvel and the fans to see who would figure out Spiderman first. Marvel shot first this Tuesday by announcing that Tom Holland is the final choice for Spiderman. It seems that many Marvel casting announcements are coming through this week, and we can’t quite pinpoint why other than the fact that Comic-Con is coming up and Marvel won’t be there. Maybe they are trying out the new trend of announcing everything online. If so, it is certainly working towards their advantage.

Tomas Holland is a 19 year old English actor best known for being in the Billy Elliot the Musical. His closest upcoming movie is In the Heart of the Sea. Tom will make his first ever appearance as Spiderman in Captain America: Civil War.

Green Lanterns

Remember that standalone Green Lantern movie that was in the DC lineup? Well now you definitely do remember because there is not only one Green Lantern in this movie, but three! Supposedly the Green Lanterns that are featured will be Guy Gardner, Hal Jordan, and John Stewart. Other sources have reported that Warner Brothers is in serious negotiation to get Chris Pine as Hal Jordan, but take that with a grain of salt. If these declarations are deemed true, then fans old and new will be over the moon about this. Lord knows we need it after the previous attempt.


Flash and Arrow New Seasons

With the success of The Flash and the fan base of Arrow, it’s no surprise that new seasons would be coming; especially since the new seasons were greenlit a while ago. What was a surprise though, was that the new seasons would be coming this fall. Great news for those of us that were left hanging on The Flash season one, and those that were left awaiting redemption after season three of Arrow.  With The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, Titans, and Legends of Tomorrow all coming to the small screen soon, it couldn’t be a better age to watch DC television.

X-Men Four

This whole ordeal sounds a little sketchy but according to Latino Review, Fox wants to make a Fantastic Four/X-Men crossover film in 2018. Rumors are stating that the untitled July 2018 Marvel move is actually the crossover. Fox deserves to have its own connection now that people are taking both franchises seriously again. If you ask me, this is perfect retaliation after Marvel cut back on the merchandising for Fox properties.

Ant-Man After Credits

In two days, Ant-Man is set to release in theatres. Reviews have been stacking up and for the most part they good, but we can’t have a Marvel movie without the expectation of an after credits scene. Today the boys will talk about the possible after credits scene in the movie and the reviews.

Ava DuVernay’s Black Panther


Movie news had been slow at the end of last week as well as early this week. This was most likely because of San Diego Comic-Con, the fast approaching media giant. Despite that, some pretty juicy news was still announced early into the week when some charged up rumors stated that Ava DuVernay is the official director of Marvel’s Black Panther.

Ava DuVernay is an African American director best known for direction Selma, which went on to receive abundant praise. We Are Wakanda reported that the reason for hiring a director so early was to have her as a presence in Captain America: Civil War, where the Black Panther and Wakanda will make their first appearance in the MCU.


The confusion about the movie rights to Hulk have been explained this week too. According to Forbes, Marvel Studios now has complete rights to Hulk after Universal failed to make a sequel to Ang Lee’s Hulk. However, any solo Hulk movies made by Marvel Studios would have to be distributed through Universal. Disney could allow this, but then they’d have to share the profits. As an arrangement Disney could choose an appeasement for Universal. For example, they could make an exchange like,

Disney co-financing another project with Universal, Disney allowing Universal to distribute some other film instead, Disney changing the release date of one of their films to open the calendar up for a Universal movie, and so on (Forbes).

Marvel could make a Hulk movie at any time, but the real question is: will Disney allow it?

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