MCU: Are They Scared To Use A Female Lead?

Dewayne Edwards Dewayne Edwards
July 23rd, 2017

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MCU: Are They Scared To Use A Female Lead?

If there's one thing that the DCEU has on the MCU, it is the fact that, with Wonder Woman, they are the first to release a female-lead comic book movie. This leaves fans to wonder why after all these years the MCU has not released one of its own. As we know, Captain Marvel, starring Brie Larson, is on its way, but why did it take so long? ComiConverse contributor, Dewayne Edwards, will determine  if  fear is the reason the MCU has yet to release a female-lead comic book movie.

MCU: Are They Scared To Use A Female Lead?

Captain Marvel vs. Wonder Woman

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Credit: Marvel Comics

I'm not talking about who's stronger right now, though that would be a fun conversation. Instead we are going to look at the both Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman from the perspective of popularity. The MCU could easily put out a Captain Marvel film, she's a strong butt-kicking hero just like Wonder Woman. But even with all the art and great entertainment that comes from the movie industry, it needs funding to succeed. So when looking at Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman is a much lesser financial risk than Captain Marvel would be. Putting out Captain Marvel, a complex and extremely powerful character, earlier could have been a huge risk. Based on popularity and audience familiarity, the next logical question for the MUC is: what about Black Widow?

It's All Part Of A Plan

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Credit: Marvel Studios

Black Widow is a very popular MCU character, so why hasn't she had her own movie? From both a fan and business point of view, it's nothing but a good idea. But if there's one thing that we have to appreciate, it is the planning that Kevin Feige and the development team puts into the MCU. All the MCU films released thus far lead up to, in some way, the great culmination of a grand battle against Thanos. Seeing as how they have a plan and their movies mapped out in a certain way for a reason, a Black Widow movie didn't fit into that plan. She's obviously extremely important to the MCU, given how many movies she's in but when it comes to a solo movie, there doesn't seem to be a purpose yet. Kevin Feige has said that a Black Widow movie is a definite possibility for Phase 4, as they plan what's to come after the Thanos saga.

Paving A Way

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Credit: DC Entertainment

It seems odd to bring up Wonder Woman when focusing on the MCU, but she's just as important to the conversation as Captain Marvel or Black Widow. With Wonder Woman having so much success as a female lead superhero movie, Marvel now has evidence that such a film can be a barnstorming box office success. Wonder Woman paves the way for other female-lead superhero movies to be accepted by fans and made by the producers. The wait for more female-lead films has been far too long, but as fans we can be happy that it finally seems to be here. As we know, Hollywood follows a trend, so because of Wonder Woman, we are guaranteed to see more female superhero movies from the MCU and DCEU. I don't think the MCU is afraid to put a female in the lead and we can hope that more films are soon to come.

Do you think the MCU was scared to release a female-lead film? Why do you think it has taken them so long?

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