Kick-Ass Prequel and Sequel Plans Confirmed

Jordan Samuel Jordan Samuel
June 20th, 2015

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Kick-Ass Prequel and Sequel Plans Confirmed

Director Matthew Vaughn created a surprise hit with Kick-Ass, a film that centred around some interesting characters, but then he passed his torch to director Jeff Wadlow for the sequel.

Kick-Ass 2 was not as successful as the first outing, with critics and audiences feeling that the movie was a step backwards from the critically acclaimed original.


Characters like Hit-Girl being were sidelined, with a ridiculous coming to age drama, even though that vomiting machine was totally badass.


Jim Carrey was added to the cast and played the fun Colonel Stars and Stripes, who was sadly let down with the mediocre script that killed his character - quite literally.

Ever since that sequel fans have been wondering what would happen to the franchise. Today we can all relax, because it has been confirmed that a new prequel film is in the works; focusing on the origins of both Hit-Girl and Big Daddy.


Here is what Matthew Vaughn had to say,

We're working on an idea for a prequel of how did Hit Girl and Big Daddy become Hit Girl and Big Daddy.

If we make that, hopefully that will be the sorbet for the people that didn't like Kick-Ass 2 and then we can go off and make Kick-Ass 3. I think we've got to do this prequel to regain the love that we had with Kick-Ass.

Hit-Girl and Big Daddy, in the eyes of many, were the standout characters in the original movie, from their complex father-daughter relationship to their relentless crime fighting.

Earlier this year Vaughn said this in an interview with JoBlo when asked about Kick-Ass 3:

Do you know what's going to be next if I do it... we've finished plotting it. What we have to do is, we've got to do the FIRST CLASS to the KICK-ASS world. We lost a few fans on Kick-Ass 2. It wasn't as loved as one would've hoped. So we have this idea for a Hit Girl prequel. It's a really strong, really simple prequel where I think we can regain the love and the passion. If that happens, I'm pretty sure I can persuade Aaron and Chloe to come back and finish the story of Kick-Ass with Kick-Ass 3.

He also was asked about potentially directing the prequel:

No, I wouldn't direct. We spoke about it to Gareth Evans a couple of years ago. I'd get someone like that, a really bold, clever director. Most of it is set in the far east.

Come on ladies and gents, who wouldn't want to see some more balls-to-the-wall fun from these characters in places like London or maybe even China directed by someone like Gareth Evans (The Raid 2). Maybe they could make the movie separate from canon building up the characters Hit-Girl and Big Daddy for another series and giving us some fresh actors to play the roles.

But for now let's pray that the main cast from the original movie return because they deserve to be given another chance on the big screen. Especially Chloë Grace Moretz because she gave us her best performance in both films (even Kick-Ass 2) as the self-proclaimed badass Hit-Girl a character that actually boosted her career appearing after in several defining movies.

Early this year Kingsman came out to critical acclaim with the audience loving the over the top nature of the film and amazing action scenes. The movie showcased people are willing to give these higher rated movies chances nowadays and Lionsgate would be stupid to not green light another adventure for Hit-Girl and Co.


We do know that these films can be risky for studios to put out because the general audience may not be able to ask their moms to watch them which can really hurt the returns. But for us adults and mature people having something like this is fresh air in the comic book movie industry that is full with family themed titles.

Last month, Mark Millar revealed that he had discussed a Hit-Girl spin off movie with Vaughn that was so mad that it would make "Kick-Ass look like Finding Nemo."

This sounds like it could be the biggest installment in the franchise if done correctly.

Its sounds like something we would all watch on day one.


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