Why Man Of Steel Was An Amazing Comic Book Movie

Ryan Mayer Ryan Mayer
January 26th, 2016

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Why Man Of Steel Was An Amazing Comic Book Movie

Man of Steel was the film that launched a new generation of DC Comics movies. Our own Ryan Mayer took a look back at the release that started it all and why it was a such a smash hit.

Why Man Of Steel Was An Amazing Comic Book Movie

The DC Extended Universe is approaching fast, with the first major movie in the combined universe only months away from premiering. Technically, the first movie in the universe is Man of Steel, which is one of the most argued about comic book movie of all time. Since this big connected universe is soon to be born, I want to go through the three main arguments made against Man of Steel and try to show why this was an amazing Superman movie.

Unlike most movies that fans are often open to debating, Man of Steel seems to be one movie that people have drawn a line in the sand on and chosen whether they hate the movie or love it. I happen to side with those who love the movie and actually prefer it over many other comic book films.

Now with that being said, there are fair criticisms when it comes to Man of Steel, but I will be going through them and trying to show the other perspective on these critiques. There are three main criticisms that arise when talking about this movie.

1. Superman kills Zod?!?

2. Superman doesn

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