Lucifer Pilot Leaks Online

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August 11th, 2015

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Lucifer Pilot Leaks Online

Lucifer, the new FOX series that was picked up back in May of 2015, has joined a handful of shows that have had their pilots leaked onto the internet. Lucifer is also the second show owned by DC Comics to have its pilot leaked; the other is the highly anticipated CBS show Supergirl. With the show leaking on the web, many fans flocked to get a look at what the show will look like. Lucifer is slated to premiere mid-season in 2016.

Lucifer is an adaptation of Vertigo Comics' well known series of the same name created by Neil Gaiman. The show follows Lucifer Morningstar, the former ruler of Hell, who has grown bored with it all and has decided to abandon his throne to join the mortal world. He moves to Los Angeles and opens up a upscale nightclub called Lux. There he lives in happiness, committing his favourite sins at will.

When a famous pop-star who Lucifer knows very well is killed right beside him, it unlocks something that he hasn't felt for years. The murder attracts homicide detective Chloe Dancer of the Los Angeles Police Department who initially is not phased by Lucifer's "charm", which intrigues him seeing as everyone is vexed by him. She in turn is intrigued by his need to dispense justice on those that have done wrong and his ability to draw out the truth from people. 

The character of Lucifer is no stranger to fans of horror films and shows, but none have been so open to their identity than this interpretation played by Tom Ellis’. From the beginning of the pilot you witness the charm and wit that he has and there will be no hiding for this former lord of the underworld. He is out there for everyone to see and he does not care who knows.

*Spoiler Alert*

From the second Lucifer is introduced, the charm and wit actor Tom Ellis puts into the character begins to pull you into the show. Making you want to see more of the ways he can mess with the people around him. From brides at their weddings to cops that pull him over, the people he can use his powers on are endless. This changes, however, when Lucifer meets Detective Dancer who turns out to be immune to his “charm”. This perplexes and intrigues him throughout the pilot.

The large part of the episode is revolved around the death of Lucifer’s friend Delilah who was killed in his arms by a hired hit-man. In the moment you see Lucifer realize that his friend has died, you see some of hidden qualities. You see his compassion come out throughout the entire episode, as he joins Detective Dancer to hunt down the person that put out the hit on his friend. The chemistry Dancer and Lucifer have throughout the pilot truly grows on you. It is also very fun to watch Lucifer show off his powers to try and get Dancer to believe he is who says he is. 

The pilot did also introduce us to the drama behind the main plot line. It seems as though not everyone is happy with Lucifer deciding to leave his throne in Hell. God himself has sent his emissary, Amenadiel, to try and convince Lucifer to return back to his throne.

He also hints at what possibly could be going on back in Hell with the ruler gone by saying "What exactly do you think happens when the devil leaves hell?  All of those demons, all of those tormented and tortured souls, where do you think they go?"


One of the massive positives for the show is the fact that the comedy within it was so perfect and so well delivered that it had you laughing from the beginning to the very dying seconds of the pilot. This could be accredited to the palpable chemistry between actors Tom Ellis and Lauren German. Ellis definitely does a number on the audience with the way he quickly delivers his witty comments in the scenes throughout the pilot. One specific scene is when Detective Dancer is questioning Lucifer after Delilah is killed. At one point she asks Lucifer what kind of name is Lucifer and he responds “God-given, I’m afraid”. Fans will surely look forward to the witty banter that both Detective Dancer and Lucifer will have in the future.

The pilot was definitely a strong point and will allow people to latch onto the show and the characters FOX are putting out there for fans. Lucifer will easily be the favorite of the show but by the looks of things there could be some surprises when it comes to fan favorite down the line. All in all this leaked pilot may cause more hype for the show than the studio could have predicted.  

This pilot is a must watch and the series will be one that I personally can not wait to watch. 

Verdict: 10/10


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