Loki TV Show: Where Could It Go?

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November 20th, 2018

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Loki TV Show: Where Could It Go?

Uncle Walt’s firm is ready to make the competition crumble. It has just confirmed the launching of a spin-off focused on the prince of Asgard, Loki, that will land on its future streaming service, Disney Plus and will be led by Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios. The news has delighted the fans who were still crying over the character’s death in Infinity War. The iconic role of this anti-hero will be reprised by Tom Hiddleston who promised on his Twitter account :

Naturally, that won’t be the first time that Tom Hiddleston will appear on small screen as he is already at the head of the Night Manager, adapted from the book written by John le Carré, alongside Hugh Laurie.

If we know that the Disney streaming platform should take shape at the end of 2019, mystery surrounds the series as far of as for the release date, the duration (series or miniseries ?) or even the scenario of the project. According to the Variety information, it seems that the series possesses a healthy production budget competing with the one of a blockbuster. But, what can we expect from it?

When? What?

Before or after The Avengers 3? This is the question that keeps the fans minds occupied and will affect drastically the possibilities and development of the narrative arc.

It is not impossible that the adopted son of Odin has fooled us in The Avengers 3. Besides, that won’t be the first time. The theories regarding his possible return in the next opus of the saga planned in 2019 comes in drove on the Web. If one of them turns out to be true, the show could root itself after this events. As for Tom Hiddleston, he took great care not to confirm word for word the presence of the character in Avengers 4, but implied merely, during the ACE Seattle Comic Con of this year, that the loop is looped for him :

When I came to shoot the scene in Infinity War, I think it’s very powerful he calls himself an Odinson, and that closes the whole journey of Loki and what he can do.It [Loki's death] set the stakes up emotionally. It takes the stakes up dramatically. Source 

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However, it is also probable that the spin-off questions deeper the past of the god and precedes Infinity War. It could get focused on the genesis of this unique villain or explore in more details his actions between one of the three opuses of the Thor films. It could be the perfect occasion to exploit furthermore his deepest feelings, his motivations, to explain his changing temper and to show the reel extent of his sorcerer’s powers. In this regard, Tom Hiddleston has also declared to Comic Book that he would love to add more “depth” in character.


For the moment, only Tom Hiddleston has been announced to the casting, but it won’t be surprising to find some of the protagonists of the Thor saga, notably Sif. The actress of the faithful ally of God with a hammer, Jaimie Alexander, has indeed reacted to the officialisation of the show with a confusing Twitter post :

Real clue or pure rejoicing? Only time will tell.

We can also expect to see cameos from some notorious Avengers such as Scarlet Witch, Falcon, The Winter Soldier or even Hawkeyes, who are also being the targets for others spin-off according to rumours. We can’t help but hope for an apparition of Thor himself as well, the nemesis and half-brother of the God of Mischief, played by the Australian Chris Hemsworth.


If there are numerous chances that a part of the complot takes part on the Asgard lands, the show could reveal the other eight worlds of the mythical tree Yggdrasill from the Norse mythology, mentioned in the first Thor movie. That would be an easy thing to do as Loki handles the gift of teleportation throughout time and dimensions.

All the information we possess on this spin-off so far are pretty meagre, but the hypothesis about the scenario abound on the Web. With this announcement, Disney carries on laying the first stones for its future streaming channel lying on a jarring agenda. The Loki series could be the spearhead action of Disney Plus and could help to launch other Marvel projects. To be followed…

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