Justice League: Batman’s Brutal Behaviour To Be Addressed

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September 9th, 2016

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Yesterday was a monster day for future DC Extended Universe (DCEU) instalments, as The Wall Street Journal got to sit down one on one with DC's headmaster Geoff Johns.

Justice League: Batman's Brutal Behaviour To Be Addressed

Not only did Geoff Johns confirm Deathstroke as Joe Manganiellio, but he also discussed the many changes to the Justice League, post Batman V. Superman.

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Batman V. Superman  received mixed reception, even from a DC comic fans point of view, and Geoff Johns has definitely paid close attention to the complaints.

While the most critical problems with Batman V. Superman's theatrical release, was due to it's un-linear and convoluted plot, Geoff Johns has actually paid even more attention to many of the movies other chief complaints.

While sitting down with WSJ, Geoff Johns promised to have Justice League feature "less of Zack Snyder's flourishes" and focus more on the plot. This means it would include less confusing dream sequences and other mashups that seemed improperly placed within Batman V. Superman.

While this is a obvious issue that the Batman V. Superman extended cut seemed to fix , Geoff Johns also stated how the Justice League will make sure to address Batman and his very brutal behaviour.

While Batman, is a clearly a dark character in the DC comic world, his behaviour in Batman V. Superman pushed him to being almost a down right anti-hero.

From the killing of criminals who were in no way a threat ( such as the Batmobile chase scene ), to almost killing the Man of Steel until he heard his mothers name, Bruce Wayne was definitely over the top to the point, it alienated many of his biggest fans.

While I personally loved Ben Affleck's performance as The Dark Knight, it was pretty shocking to see Batman portrayed in such a gritty light, even for The Caped Crusader.


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Many fans have theorized that Batman's brutal behavior was due to his trauma of a murdered Jason Todd, at the hands or The Joker. This set up would work nicely with the next DCEU movie, as not only did Bruce Wayne become a changed man in the end of Batman V. Superman, but he regretted his action enough to change his ways in DC's most recent release, Suicide Squad.

It would only make sense for the Justice League to address Batman's brutal behaviour , because even though Batman is seen as a criminal vigilante, he still murdered and killed many bad guys who probably weren't even high end criminals .

While it is good for the Justice League to address Batman's past behavior, many of us would also like to know how Batman didn't end up killing The Joker, if he is the one who did murder Jason Todd.

If the Joker has been on the loose after all of this time, how did he possibly slip past the world's greatest detective?

Harley Quinn was stated to be the known accessor of Jason Todd's murder in Suicide Squad, so how did The Joker possibly not end up dead along with the many of criminals Batman killed or tortured?

Warner Brothers Harley Quinn Suicide Squad

Credit: Warner Brothers

Maybe Harley Quinn was found out to be the accomplice of Jason Todd's murder, after Bruce Wayne already had a change of heart ( if so, lucky Mr. J )?

It is great that the DCEU has a over-head to make sure all of their movies stay in alignment with their multiverse vision, but will these changes really fix the problems of the DC extended universe?

While many would blame Zack Snyder for the problems of the DCEU, it is also quite apparent the studios in general are at fault as Zack Snyder's full cut of Batman V. Superman was rated exceptionally higher than the theatrical cut .

I would agree that Suicide Squad was a good movie, but was also flawed in the many ways that Warner Bros had been confirmed to over-edit and alter David Ayer's movie.

All that being said, do you think the DCEU's changes will fix it's issues, or is there much more singularity needed at Warner Bros. studios in general to prevent the poor editing issues it's two films seem to have?


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Source: Wall Street Journal

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