Justice League Dark: Batman’s Role Revealed

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October 27th, 2016

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Justice League Dark, DC's next big animated feature movie, is on its way in 2017 and news is beginning break regarding the film's plot. We are here to break down all the latest details for you.

Justice League Dark: Batman's Role Revealed

Justice League Dark Batman

Credit: Warner Brothers

With an already successful DC comic book arc to its name, Justice League Dark is racing towards its animated debut, with a feature film planned for 2017. A full-scale cinematic release is also in the works as part of the DC Extended Universe. With so much hype around the franchise fans are keen for every emerging detail, and recently we were fortunate enough to learn more about the role of Batman in Justice League Dark.

ComiConverse recently had the opportunity to interview the voice of Batman, in DC's Animated Universe, Jason O'Mara, who talked about what audiences can expect from his character this time around.

Batman is like the audience's eyes and ears in Justice League Dark. There are loads of opportunities for comedy because there is a ton of really weird stuff going on and Batman doesn't understand any of it! It's funny because it's a darker tone for a Justice League title, but to me, it's a lighter tone for Batman. After all, Batman is already the personification of dark, so there's only one way to go!

Only days later, at a New York Comic Con roundtable, the Producer of Justice League Dark, James Tucker, expanded on O'Mara's description of Batman's role by telling us a little bit about how Batman helps explore the film's narrative.

He represents the everyman who doesn't believe in magic or doesn't want to believe in magic. The audience who is not familiar with these characters needs a touchstone to pull them into the story. And for Batman, for good or ill, everyone knows Batman. They know who he is, how he thinks and what he's all about," Tucker said. "So for him, they follow everyone else on this journey because of him and eventually the characters are so strong that Batman doesn't dominate the movie at all. He's just an entry into these characters, and he's there to give a running comment as a non-believer who even though he sees all this happening he's still skeptical.

Justice League Dark Batman

Credit: Warner Brothers

Its understandable that Batman, and the Justice League Dark audience, may be a little baffled by the new side of the DC Universe being explored. Justice League Dark features a cast who have largely been considered to be secondary characters; like Etrigan The Demon, Deadman, Swamp Thing and a name many fans will recognize from his television series, John Constantine.

Justice League Dark has no specified release date within the 2017 film calendar, but fans will no doubt be anxious to see whether DC's new assembly line (comic to animation to feature film) succeeds with this franchise. The future of the studios film development model will likely hang in the balance.
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