Jeremy Irons Talks Justice League And Assassin’s Creed

Jeffrey Hull Jeffrey Hull
October 28th, 2016

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Jeremy Iron's has had some legendary Hollywood roles throughout his career. Recently, Irons sat down with Variety to discuss a blistering schedule of film productions, along with two big pop-culture projects; Justice League and Assassin's Creed.

Jeremy Irons Talks Justice League And Assassin's Creed

Jeremy Irons Justice League

Credit Warner Brothers

Jeremy Irons may be eyeing an oscar for The Man Who Knew Infinity; however, comics, gaming and pop-culture fans will be more interested in his take on a pair of projects they've been eyeing for a long time. So, what does the British acting legend think of blockbuster projects like Batman v Superman or Justice League?

Does he enjoy his role as Alfred as much as working on smaller more intimate projects?

The interview Jeremy Irons gave Variety is revealing.

Less so, because they

Source: Variety

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