Jason Bourne Official Trailer Debuts

Arjun Sarai Arjun Sarai
April 22nd, 2016

The trailer for Jason Bourne, the fifth movie in the Bourne franchise, just dropped. ComiConverse Contributor Arjun Sarai has a full breakdown.

The ghost has returned, and he remembers everything. After revealing a first look and short teaser clips for the last few months, Universal Pictures has now released the first official, full length trailer for Jason Bourne, the fifth installment in the Bourne film franchise.

It was nine years ago that we last saw Matt Damon portray the titular character on the big screen, with rumors spreading that he would not return for the fourth film in the lineup. That movie ended up being a spin off - The Bourne Legacy starring Jeremy Renner. Director Paul Greengrass was similarly missing from that project. Now that the face of the franchise is back, as well as its true creative genius, the series is back with a vengeance.

Universal has done a solid job of keeping the mystery of the film's critical plot points under wraps. The trailer shows us multiple impressive action sequences in a variety of unique locations. The ones that stand out most take place in Las Vegas. Producer Frank Marshall has said that the Las Vegas chase scene is "the best Bourne chase scene, ever." They even had to shut down the Vegas strip just to shoot this specific scene. The influence that oozes from the creative team, and by extension Matt Damon himself, is quite evident here, as the Las Vegas Strip is one of the most high traffic city centres in the world. The trailer also gives a glimpse at a more emotionally worn Jason Bourne. The wear and tear in his mind have not stopped him from staying in peak physical condition, though. Just ask the guy who tries to fight him in the trailer.

Jason Bourne

Credit: Universal Pictures

Along with the trailer, Universal has released promotional posters for the film featuring Matt Damon, as seen above. Both posters are filled in black and white, and while the reason for this isn't totally clear, it could be just to set the film's overall tone for the audience. Then again, it does seem to have a lot more involvement with the grand plot of the story rather than just showcasing a moody and stressed Jason Bourne.

Credit: Universal Pictures

Credit: Universal Pictures

Although the first three Damon-led Bourne flicks were action packed and enjoyable, some fans feel that we know a whole lot more about Jason Bourne personally than we do about the Treadstone project and similar top secret government programs. This is an issue Paul Greengrass is more than eager to address, especially since the main character is so familiar and audiences already know the way he operates on a day to day basis. For that reason, Jason Bourne will delve into the hidden files, conspiracies, agency cover ups, rogue agents, and government officials who were involved with Treadstone. That being said, there is still lots of room to potentially develop some of the new characters who will be introduced in this series.

All of this information, yet we do not yet know a whole lot. With a spy-thriller like this one, it should certainly be kept that way.

The discussion of where Jason Bourne has been all these years and why he has decided to return now, is one that does not have to wait. Sound off in the comments below or take the conversation to Twitter.

Jason Bourne's cast also features Alicia Vikander, Tommy Lee Jones, Vincent Cassel, with series regular Julia Stiles, and is set to arrive in theatres on July 29, 2016.

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Source: Entertainment Weekly

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