Jake Gyllenhaal: Top 5 Unmissable Movies

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April 2nd, 2018

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Jake Gyllenhaal: Top 5 Unmissable Movies

Jake Gyllenhaal: Top 5 Unmissable Movies

As an audacious actor, Jake Gyllenhaal is considered as one of the rising stars of cinema thanks to his craze for difficult and pertinent roles. Last year again, he topped the bill with Stronger, a dramatic film retracing the reel and bitter fight of Jeff Bauman, a victim of the Boston Marathon bombings in 2013. Garnering solid reviews and putting the famous actor into the limelight again.

So in anticipation of Gyllenhaal’s rumored casting as the Dark Knight, we opted to look back and cherry pick the actors’ five best performances. And know it was a hard list to produce. He delivers solid performances, which should go down in history, but what is most significant work? Find out as ComiConverse delves into his best roles. Let’s focus on five memorable parts amongst the flourishing carrier of the American actor.


5. Zodiac, David Fincher - 2007


Realised by the renown filmmaker David Fincher, the film Zodiac evokes the dreadful story of the serial killer that plunged America in the years 1960-1970 into complete paranoia. In this intense thriller inspired by true facts, Jake slips into the skin of Rober Graysmith, a young and shy cartoonist that have highly participated in the harassing search for the truth. The American actor has readied himself to go into combat and transcends all the hopes that were put in him by leading this somber drama from one end to the other with mastery. He lays a new consequent stone on the edifice of his outstanding filmography.

4. Brokeback Mountain, Ang Lee - 2005

Brokeback Mountian

Deeply shaking and of a moving beauty, Brokeback Mountain tackles a sensitive subject: homosexuality in the 1960’s. Skilfully led by an immortal duo until the inevitable tragic end, the movie depicts the forbidden idyll between two cowboys put to the test by the mores of their time. Alongside the unforgettable Heath Ledger, Jake delivers an astonishing performance of edgy sincerity and memorable intensity. Often wrongly indexed, Brokeback Mountain has much more of an uncut diamond than a simple “gay love movie”.

3. Donnie Darko, Richard Kelly - 2001

Donnie Darko

Donnie Darko : an incongruous script for a fantastic masterpiece that transcends the film genre and reveals Jake to the public. He plays a perturbed adolescent preyed by strange visions and communicating with an oversized and disturbing rabbit that only he can see. This movie is looking for the optimistic path that will only appear during its major final revelation. The least we can say is that the 20 years old actor gives a bluffing performance, flickering with ease between a well-educated boy and rising psychopath. By carrying masterfully and skilfully this heavy project on his frail shoulders, Jake Gyllenhaal does a striking entrance in the film industry.

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2. Prisoners, Denis Villeneuve - 2013


In a captivating staging and a scenario signed by Denis Villeneuve, Jake goes for the search of missing girls under the oppressive judgment of the family’s patriarch played by Hugh Jackman. As a tortured cop with a nervous tic and preyed to an insurmountable melancholy, Jake has real screen presence. His interpretation of this intense thriller is perfectly measured, thus reaffirming that he is the master in the art of drama. And we just love it!

1. Nightcrawler, Dan Gilroy - 2014


For this film, Jake undergoes an astonishing physical change to become a “Nightcrawler”, a scoop hunter pursuing the least bloodshed in the streets of Los Angeles. An obscure ride that can only end in a carnage and from which no-one can get away truly unscathed. The spectator's yelp in horror when discovering the mix of ferocity and revolting brutality rolled out by the main protagonist of this adventure both gloomy and sublime questioning the limits between information and spectacle. With this powerful and dreadful role, Jake differs with the rest of his career and manages it with success. Bravo!

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