Heroes Reborn: Five Years Gone

Leonard Marciano Leonard Marciano
September 20th, 2015

Heroes Reborn: Five Years Gone

In 2006 the phenomenon known as Heroes debuted and one of their first story-lines “Five Years Gone,” which served as the very basis of what the show would be all about. We all remember “Save the Cheerleader, Save the World,” but “Five Years Gone,” was perhaps the most epic thing about the show. The premise of an impending apocalyptic future that kept getting pushed back by the action of our heroes and the villain (Sylar).

Now, with Heroes returning, five years after being cancelled, it seems only appropriate!

Part of the mystique around the show was the way it was able to try and integrate different platforms (webisodes, graphic novels, etc.) into their universe and be able to tell more of their story outside of the show. Part of this integration is used today by many shows, which help prove just how ahead of its time Heroes was.

Now that the show is returning there is some fear to go along with the excitement.

It’s like seeing a high school friend after you both went away for college. The previews have many people (including myself) excited for a second chance. In Hollywood you don’t often get second chances or do-overs, but when you do, you have to make them count. For an example see Robert Downey Jr’s career after Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes.

Heroes Reborn picks up exactly five years after the events of Heroes season 4; after Claire jumped off of the Ferris Wheel at Samuel’s circus and revealed to the world the existence of people with abilities now called Evo’s. We see some familiar faces in HRG, Hiro Nakamura, Dr. Suresh, Parkman, The Haitian, Angela Patrelli, and Micah. We also now have a lot of new people (both ordinary and extraordinary) are being introduced to us, and we can hope for other characters to make an appearance throughout the season (hopefully we get to see the throw down of Peter and Sylar from the other side of the door).

Peter versus Syler

Now down to the nitty gritty, what can we expect from this show? From the looks of the trailers and content shown at San Diego Comic Con they are looking to bring back old fans with nostalgia; while hooking in new fans with brand new characters and storylines. Tim Kring even apologized for some of the missteps along the way in the first iteration of Heroes and asked for a second chance.  Surely the best thing he could’ve done was let the Shanti Virus released at the end of season two, but now we get to see how that world can play out with everything out in the open.

Even though the show is only getting a 13 episode order Heroes has always been able to deliver big story telling, and in today’s television programming sometimes shorter is better. Look at premium cable shows like Dexter, Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley, Daredevil, and Girls who only get 10 to 13 episodes to deliver a story in a season. It can also lend itself to their favor by making it more feasible for Heroes Reborn to be able to get the Milo Ventimiglia, Zachary Quinto’s, and Hayden Pantierre’s for only an episode or two rather than a long arc.

Has Hiro become the Time Master we were promised since season 1?

Which side is Parkman on in this renewed war of Evo’s versus Humans?

What ever happened to Kaitlin?

If we ever see Peter again will he be able to absorb multiple abilities or is he still down to one at a time?

Can the Haitian make us forget about everything in Seasons 3 and 4, and help us remember what we loved about the show in Season 1 and 2?

Caitlin lost in time

Credit: Heroes


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