What Happened in Attack on Titan Chapter 70?

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July 9th, 2015

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What Happened in Attack on Titan Chapter 70?

Attack on Titan is a great comics find.  We have a full run-down for you here on ComiConverse.

So you’ve read though over a year and a half’s worth of slow moving, information packed, political talk in hopes of getting a sneak peek of what season two of Shingeki no Kyojin- also known as Attack on Titan by non-Japanese speakers- has to offer. It’s understandable that it would get hard to keep track of what exactly was happening, what was being said, character arcs, and future implications over such a prolonged span of time. Especially if you’re someone who doesn’t like to re-read. Since season two of Attack on Titan is hitting the screens sometime in 2016, chapter 70, “A Dream I Saw One Day”, is widely accepted to be the final chapter of said season. I know you can’t wait to get to the ending but we have to start at the beginning with the new “Queen”.

Spoilers Ahead


The throne has finally been taken away from corruption and restored back to its rightful blood. Historia Reiss is a bastard daughter of the former corrupt King, but just because you’re from royalty doesn’t mean that you actually want to lead. The first panel is dedicated to showing that even though Historia is Queen, she’d rather be helping common orphan citizens in day to day struggles.


10/10 best queen ever.

In fact, the citizens have started to refer to her as a Goddess. What the people don’t know is that The Walls are really being ruled by the Survey Corps in sort of a mutual exchange. The Survey Corps get to rid the community of corruption and bad businessmen, and Historia gets to help people like she’s always wanted to. This scene was a nice cheerful break from the usual dark tone of the Manga.

Levi and The Serum

Meanwhile, Eren is making extreme progress in his Titan training, corrupt leaders are being imprisoned, and new technology such as portable lighting and quick defense mechanisms have been found. Wall Maria can finally be closed and cleared of Titans after all this time. So what’s the problem? The Titan Serum and the Basement.


Titan spinal fluid? That's just nasty.

Whatever is inside the basement has been a mystery since the beginning of Attack on Titan, even though it hasn’t been mentioned in a long time just like other mysteries. All we know so far is that whatever is in there has the ability to turn the odds of survival in humanities favor drastically and that the Survey Corps will travel there in the morning to find it. We do know however, what’s inside the syringe that was given to Captain Levi on the other hand.

Spinal Fluid.

Not just any spinal fluid though. No, no, no, this spinal fluid can turn you into a Titan Shifter- someone with the ability to switch between Titan form and human form. Captain Levi was given this serum to hold on to “just in case”, sort of like a last resort. He was also tasked with the burden of finding out when to use it and on whom to use it on. It cannot be examined further and can only be used once because if the fluid touches oxygen, it evaporates. We don’t know who he is going to use it on, but we do know that when he does use it it’s going to be a life or death situation.

The next scene is one of the military members talking and joking over dinner. Connie leaves early to get a goodnight’s rest before he goes home for a few days. Eren is remembering more and more of his father’s last memories of being eaten by him and decides to visit his former instructor in the morning after discovering that he knows more than he lets on. This scene gives absolutely no hints or preparation as to what is about to happen next.

Beast Titan

The moment you’ve all been waiting for. The Beast Titan just got done beating the living hell out of the Armored Titan!


Snitches get Stitches, Reiner. Remember that.

The Beast Titan hasn’t made an appearance since around 2 years ago at the beginning of season two’s arc, and left everyone gasping when he did. Up until this moment we didn’t know much about him other than the fact that he seems to be the only titan that can talk; and he doesn’t just talk normally, he talks intelligently.

The Beast Titan and The Armored Titan seem to have set up an agreement with each other. If the Beast wins, they wait outside the walls and save Annie later; and if the Armored Titan wins, they barge in and save Annie now. Judging by the massive holes in the Armored Titan’s armor- thought to be impenetrable by both humans and titans- and the calm demeanor of his opponent…the Beast Titan definitely won.  


Shine bright like a diamond!

If you don’t know who Annie is, she’s the Female Titan that killed so many of the Survey Corps. She formed a hard, crystal like structure around herself at the end of season one so that nobody could interrogate her, kill her, or exile her. An unidentified man then releases himself from the Beast Titan and overlooks the city. So, the chapter ends with the Beast Titan and Co. are left standing at the walls of the Shinganshina District.


The abs of a true warrior.


The Future

What does this mean for future chapters? Well to figure that out you must take into account all the previous events.

Everyone’s spirits are at their peak! The Survey Corps have a powerful weapon at their beck and call, put away old rulers, and developed new defensive and offensive strategies; Eren and his peers are pleased that he is finally getting more control over his titan form; and the citizens are happy with their new “Goddess”, are getting more attention, and are confident in their protectors once again. Everyone believes that today marks the day that humanity can start fighting back for once instead of just cowering in fear.

Boy, could they be more wrong. I actually feel sorry for them.

Remember what the Survey Corps are doing in the morning? Heading to Shinganshina to find out what’s in the basement. Remember what Eren is doing in the morning? Heading near Shinganshina to visit his instructor. Where are the Colossal Titan, Armored Titan, and the Beast Titan doing? Standing OUTSIDE of Shinganshina to intercept (and kill) the Survey Corps, retrieve 'The Coordinate', a power Eren possesses that allows you to control virtually any normal Titan, and find the Female Titan. Only then will their mission be over and they can go back “home”.

And that’s basically the end of the chapter.

Pretty soon we’ll get to see what happens when the Colossal Titan, Armored Titan, and Beast Titan face off with the Survey Corps. They'll be especially frustrated to find out that Eren is nearby. Based on the fact that they can’t comprehend the Colossal Titan’s size; can’t even hurt the Armored Titan; would have most certainly died at the Female Titan’s hands if it weren’t for Eren Jaeger, whom isn’t going to be with them this time around; and haven’t even met the strongest and most intelligent of them all, The Beast Titan; this encounter can only mean one thing for the protagonists, even if they have do have a serum that allows them to turn one person into a Titan:

People will die.


No! Not again...


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