Hannibal Review: ‘Primavera’

James Morgan James Morgan
June 15th, 2015

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Hannibal Review: ‘Primavera’

Hannibal is moving confidently into its third season and our own James Morgan is here to break down all the action for you, here on ComiConverse.

After last weeks episode 'Antipasto', we were treated to a lovely catch up with our favourite cannibal Dr Hannibal Lecter. We saw him fleeing to Italy with his psychiatrist Bedelia Du Maurier; their relationship has yet to be explained.

Do they have a sexual bond or is it professional curiosity?

This week felt like a artistic film with impressive visuals and location, but it didn't answer the essential question we have all been asking.

Is Will alive?

The obvious answer is yes, because the show could not function without Hugh Dancy's smart, socially awkward FBI Profiler. He's such an interesting character. We never quite know if he loves Hannibal or hates him.


Shattered Tea Cups

When we last saw Will, he had just bumped into the person he was convicted of murdering for the majority of Season 2 - Abigail Jacob-Hobbs. She had been Hannibal's captive, but why was she kept alive just to be killed off again?

Answer? Because Hannibal had already broken Will mentally in season one, so now his curiosity had extended to breaking him emotionally and physically. As he cuts Will open and executes Abigail in front of him, we are again reminded that Hannibal kills people for being rude.

Will has rejected him, lied to him and refused to sit at his table; these ills manors are punishable by re-introducing you to a person you cared for and believed was dead and killing them all over again while you watch, very disrespectful.

The Tea Cup has been well and truly broken.


8 Months Later...

... and we have caught up to the timeline of the first episode. Will has survived his wounds, but not all wounds are on the surface. Through a flashback we see Abigail visiting will in hospital, she tells will that Hannibal could have killed them but cut them up in other ways, knowing they would survive, how nice of him.

When we catch up with them they are in a church, having no idea how they got here or why they are there.

Hannibal isn't the type of person to leave breadcrumbs. The following day a body turns up in the shape of a human heart, a reminder that this a show based on a complicated relationship. The heart symbolizes the way Hannibal was affected by Will's lies. Even Abigail questions why Will Hannibal admired Will and believed he found someone to dine at his table, which subsequently has left him with a broken heart.


Relationship Problems

The Walking Dead has set trend of focusing on one character an episode to give more of a back story. Unfortunately Hannibal isn't one of those shows that can function focusing on one single character. Hannibal needs Will and will needs Hannibal; similar to Batman's relationship with the Joker.  It's a beautiful disaster, but inevitable that one doesn't work without the other.

Last season when Will was left to die, he saw the stag which was symbolic for his relationship with Hannibal and Hannibal's influence on him. We believed it to be dead, but seeing the broken heart causes Will to hallucinate. He see's the heart grow hooves and antlers, it looks like a mutation from a zombie video game. Nevertheless, this is still the symbol that represents Hannibal's influence on Will, except now it has been reborn more sick and twisted. Abigail soon snaps Will out of it by going on about the place that Hannibal has built for them. She was never meant to go there as we find out she too was a Hallucination, Will might just be more messed up than ever before except this time he has except it, now its time to confront his demons.

I forgive you.

After a brief conversation with another new character, an Italian police detective Will explains that Hannibal is still one the loose. They both go down to the catacombs and scramble around for a bit before Will tells him to leave because if he is alone down here and Hannibal will kill him. He clears off, passing Hannibal on the way out.

Now the audience knows he is there too, but he is hurting from the betrayal, until Will tells him "I forgive you". A very complex relationship there.

Maybe Will is just telling Hannibal what he wants to hear in an attempt to catch him, but can you really outsmart Hannibal?

This episode was good, but it lacked some of the key elements which make Hannibal such good watching; mainly the relationship between the characters, and most of all the visual treats such as Mads Mikkelsen cooking, the slow motion blood spatter and Will Graham's replaying of time so he can reenact the murders. This was probably all done on purpose because the Tea Cup still needs to be repaired.

But this still leaves us with the burning question, what happened to the other two people at Hannibal's house?

For the answers, be sure to check back with us.


James Morgan is a Contributor to ComiConverse. Follow him on Twitter: @monkeymorgasm

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