Hannibal Review: ‘Contorno’

James Morgan James Morgan
July 3rd, 2015

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Hannibal Review: ‘Contorno’

A Welcome Return

This week  definitely saw a return to form for Hannibal. The most recent episode definitely proved that - on this show - karma will eventually catch up with you and take you down.

Fans of the show will no doubt be feeling the disappointment of the shows cancelation, as well as an awful let down in the beginning of Series 3.

Was it worth the wait?




First let’s talk about Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) and Chiyoh (Tao Okamoto).  Last time we saw them Will had just set free Hannibal’s sisters murderer, who then returned to kill his guard Chiyoh. Obviously she killed him first and was then set free having no purpose of guarding Lecter manor.

She decides it would be a good idea to aid Will in searching for Hannibal.

But wait a minute isn’t Will supposed to be one of the smartest people ever? He can solve murders as if he was there, so it makes no sense to allow any person associated with Hannibal to come with him.

Will’s story seems to be moving at a very slow pace. We catch him and Chiyoh on a train in bed, in separate bunks. She tells will that he is going to kill Hannibal to stop himself becoming Hannibal, that violence doesn’t need to be met with violence.

Will then wakes up to one of his classic hallucinations, Chiyoh mounted to the ceiling via stag antlers. To my surprise, she was not in the bottom bunk. She has sought solace at the back of the train.

Will joins her and they talk briefly, she then tells him again, “Violence doesn’t have to be met with violence” and kisses him. She then mutters, “But violence is all you know.” She then pushes him from the train.

Hate to say I told you so.


The Bounty

For the last few episodes Bedelia Du Maurier has been shopping for Hannibal whilst they have been hiding in Florence. At the same time Hannibal’s former lover Alana Bloom has been working with Mason Verger to teach him about the tastes of Hannibal Lecter. These include very specific wines and spices. Alana then hands Mason receipts for those very specific items in Florence, they have found him. But they aren’t the only ones looking.

Inspector Pazzi is liaising with Jack Crawford in the search of will Graham. He invited Jack to dinner to meet his newlywed wife. She notices Jack is no longer wearing his wedding ring because prior to dinner he scattered his wife’s ashes where they met and toss his ring away with them in a series that is well known for its beautiful cinematography and visuals. This scene is only really to set up a friendship between Jack and Pazzi for the audiences benefit.

Pazzi then goes to see Hannibal while investigating the disappearance of the men he killed earlier this season. He recognizes him straight away as the two men met in their youths, under the same circumstances.

Pazzi then contacts Verger to arrange delivery of Hannibal Lecter to him for a lot of money. As a disgraced policeman you’d have thought catching him would be the goal. Anyway, Verger agrees to the bounty only if a finger print can be given as proof that it is Hannibal.


Jack vs Hannibal - Part 2

Pazzi then goes to see Hannibal again to see about that fingerprint, when things go very wrong for our inspector friend. Meanwhile Pazzi’s wife has contact Jack about the inspector being home late. Hannibal ties Pazzi to a chair, with a noose around his neck. Death is never that clean this is Hannibal we’re talking about. So he disembowels him and throws him from a window, spilling his insides in a Francesco de Pazzi style execution.

Over the seasons Hannibal has its fair share of deaths, but when Hannibal kills it’s an art form, it’s to paint a pretty picture and create a delicious meal. But so far his killing has been quick impulsive almost like a trail of breadcrumbs spelling out I am here. Alana calls Pazzi’s phone to which Hannibal answers, and in an awkward post relationship catch up (we’ve all been there) he tells her it’s nice to hear from her and hangs up.

Cue Jack Crawford being in the right place at the right time. Hannibal looks down from the window to see Jack who sprints into the building for the best fight since the season 2 finale.

As Hannibal fetches his coat and pulls of a knife Jack gets to him from behind throwing him threw a glass cabinet several times. Whilst he is on the floor Jack put a hook through his calf and soon after traps and mangles Hannibal’s arm in a torture wheel.  Did I say fight? I meant execution.

Jack had the upper hand from the start, he doesn’t hold back and the death of his wife means he can let go and do what must be done. Hannibal still tries to talk to Jack as a friend by offering condolences about his wife. But he see right through these tricks and does not hold back.

Eventually Hannibal makes his way to that same window poor Pazzi is hanging from and he asks Jack, “How will you feel when I’m gone?” to which Jack replies “Alive” and kicks him out the window. He grips onto Pazzi’s body before letting go. He is a wounded animal crawling away from a defeat.

All I can say is it’s about time. The season has been lacking so much of the charismatic character interactions of the previous seasons. I’m still upset about the Will storyline I thought he would be the one giving Hannibal his beat down; instead he is on a wild goose chase. If the rest of this series is anything like this episode, the impressive visuals,  the choreographed fight scenes and mindless violence, then I can guarantee it will be picked up for another season by a different network.

As for Hannibal, we know his time is almost up.

But not this time.


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