Green Lantern: A Franchise Reboot?

Jordan Samuel Jordan Samuel
July 2nd, 2015

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Green Lantern: A Franchise Reboot?

Green Lantern fans are being worked into a frenzy that new members of the Green Lantern Corps may feature in a new release for that franchise.

Even though Warner Bros. have just started building their movie franchises, the majority of the big characters in the DC Cinematic Universe have been cast; however, Green Lantern has been in limbo since 2011. The character had such a hard start with its last outing; which failed to capture the incredible source material on offer.



This information is still at rumour status according to Collider, but they report that the potential reboot will follow more than one Green Lantern. Possible characters include Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, and John Stewart.

Will this effort serve to put yet another nail in the coffin of a potentially huge franchise, or will DC Comics finally capture the hearts of Green Lantern fans worldwide?

The merchandising along would seem to be worth giving the Green Lantern universe another chance. Just imagine the toy line that would be available to DC.  Tell us you wouldn't want to get a hold of a cool-looking Guy Gardner leather jacket.



We can all agree that this approach offers a better chance for character development with each of the Lanterns.  Spin-off possibilities abound, with several of the major Green Lantern story arcs, like the Sinestro Corps War and Blackest Night, still untouched. If true, the casting would be immensely important for these characters. Imagine the intense search for each actor.

After so many bumps and turns, we could actually be in for something special if this rumour proves true. Imagine the fan reaction upon seeing these characters and the expanded Green Lantern universe on the big screen for the first time.

Rumours also abound that the film will be the start of this franchise (no brainer), with each film in the series following one protagonist similar to something like True Detective, which does sound intriguing.

Please remember that the script is in early development and could change thought out the next year, so nothing is, as yet, concrete.

The first appearance of these characters, according to sources, will be in the upcoming Justice League movie. Now they believe that it will be Hal Jordan, which makes so much sense seeing he is a founding member.

It seems likely that Warner Bros. will clear these rumours up at San Diego Comic-Con 2015 (SDCC).

The fact that we haven't got are New Green Lantern cast yet is very strange seeing that he is the biggest character in DC Comics with so much depth and backstory that they could easily start filming this right now.

Maybe they're just taking their time, which is fine, because the franchise weighs upon the actors who will have to define this franchise to a new generation.

SDCC is around the corner, so expect some big details seeing that Green Lantern will most likely appear in the 2017 Justice League movie. Producers will surely want to clear-up the speculation that is driving Green Lantern fans around the world crazy right now.

This story will be updated once more information comes in to ComiConverse but until the, it would be well for the movie's producers to remember this:

In brightest day, in blackest night, No movie flaw escapes our sight. To keep the future looking bright, please make sure you get this one right!

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