Gotham: Who Is Theo Galavan?

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November 5th, 2015

Gotham: Who Is Theo Galavan?
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No. 2: Azrael

Azrael #3 Cover

Credit: DC Comics

The Order of St. Dumas have been like the Knights Templar in the Batman comics. They are responsible for creating Azrael, an identity passed down throughout time. During the Knightfall storyline, a man by the name of Jean-Paul Valley was Azrael and had become Batman temporarily when Bruce Wayne was crippled by Bane. He then went around modifying the Batsuit, adding a flaming sword. Fans had called him "Azbats", and he went a bit nuts trying to kill all of Batman’s villains. In the end it was revealed that part of this was due to a number the Order of St. Dumas had done to John Paul Valley when indoctrinating him to become Azrael. Although this would probably make the most sense out of all the proposed identities in this article, the next one may seem a little more accurate, as it appears as though the Court has always been watching.

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