Gotham: Who Is Theo Galavan?

Leonard Marciano Leonard Marciano
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November 5th, 2015

Gotham: Who Is Theo Galavan?
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No. 1: The Architect

The Architect (Gates of Gotham # 4 cover)

Credit: DC Comics

At the beginning of the season I had my money on Theo being the Architect. The story of the Five Families, which the old lady from Butch’s neighborhood told to the Penguin, foreshadows the Gates of Gotham storyline by Scott Snyder. While it was a Batman story with Dick Grayson as Batman, the Architect was a man named Zachary Gate whose family had been shamed by the Five Families after an accident humiliated him and his entire bloodline. This origin seems to be the closest, but the Order of St. Dumas adds a twist to it that makes this theory either a little less likely or part of an amalgamation.

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