Ghostbusters: Then And Now

Michael Whitlatch ComiConverse
July 13th, 2016

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Ghostbusters: Then And Now

Ghostbusters has generated quite the debate in 2016. That being the case, we wanted to take a moment and look back at the differences and similarities between this generation of Ghostbusters, and the originals.

The conception of Ghostbusters all started with Dan Akroyd, who based the premise of the film off of his family’s interest in the paranormal. He gathered a team of hard-hitting comedic actors including SNL castmate Bill Murray, and Second City comedians like Harold Ramis and Rick Moranis. Similarly, the remake features a cast of talented SNL comics including Bridesmaids co-stars, Melissa McCarthy and Kristin Wiig.'

As mentioned, the renewed focus on a female set of Ghostbusters has touched off an enormous debate over how much homage should be paid to the supposed cannon of much-loved film projects from years-gone-by. Hopefully, seeing some of the content side-by-side will allow you to makes your own decisions, which we hope you'll share with us in the comments ComiConverse section.

Along with our friends at, we are pleased to present this newest edition to the ComiConverse infographics section. Enjoy!

Ghostbusters Infographic

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