Getting To The Core Of Big Apple Con!

Linda Marie Linda Marie

March 23rd, 2017

Comic Cons stole my life!

Getting To The Core Of Big Apple Con!

Big Apple Con (BAC) 2017 may officially be over, but it will not soon be forgotten. A whirlwind of surprises surrounded this event. While Stan Lee was sadly unable to attend due to health issues, there was still plenty of excitement and variety to be embraced. Allow me to lead you through the lively twists and turns at BAC.

Big Apple Con 2017, Stan Lee





Matrimonial Magic

Big Apple Con kicked off the festivities Friday evening with a wedding unlike any other. BAC founder Mike Carbonaro married his beautiful bride, model Nina Martinez. To say that this wedding was unique in its ability to provide the guests with unexpected entertainment would be a vast understatement. One look around the room was enough to tell the guests they were in for no ordinary nuptials. As I locked eyes with Darth Vader (Spencer Wilding) and rubbed elbows with a Power Ranger (Jason David Frank), I could only smile.

Big Apple Con 2017, Mike Carbonaro, Nina Martinez

Big Apple Con founder Mike Carbonaro marries his gorgeous bride, model Nina Martinez. Credit: Linda White

Several guests donned their favorite cosplay and the bride herself made a grand entry as Wonder Woman. The band, from another world altogether, provided the perfect background to keep the party rockin

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