George R R Martin Apologizes For Winds of Winter Delays

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January 2nd, 2016

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George R R Martin Apologizes For Winds of Winter Delays

You have to feel for George R. R. Martin.  The genius author behind Game of Thrones and the A Song of Ice And Fire (ASOIAF) series sent out a heartfelt apology on his Not A Blog today from his home in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Martin, who admits to being extremely uncomfortable writing under deadlines, penned a long and sincerely emotional letter to fans in which he informed them that The Winds of Winter would not be published prior to the sixth season of HBO's Game of Thrones, which currently is set to arrive for mid-April 2016.  Martin addressed his legions of fans about the delays and possible spoilers in heart wrenching detail.

I won't make excuses. There are no excuses. No one else is to blame. Not my editors and publishers, not HBO, not David & Dan. It's on me. I tried, and I am still trying. I worked on the book a couple of days ago, revising a Theon chapter and adding some new material, and I will writing on it again tomorrow. But no, I can't tell you when it will be done, or when it will be published. Best guess, based on our previous conversations, is that Bantam (and presumably my British publisher as well) can have the hardcover out within three months of delivery, if their schedules permit. But when delivery will be, I can't say. I am not going to set another deadline for myself to trip over. The deadlines just stress me out.

I am going back to my stance from last March, before all this. It will be done when it's done. And it will be as good as I can possibly make it.

Having said all that, I know what the next question will be, because hundreds of you have already asked it of me. Will the show 'spoil' the novels?

Maybe. Yes and no.

Whatever the results, fans of both the books and the HBO series now know that they will have to confront the arrival of an unprecedented moment where, for the first time, neither will know what's coming in their beloved story.

Martin went on to say that he couldn't give any hard assurances as to when The Winds of Winter would be submitted for publication, only that its arrival in stores would take place approximately three months after its submission date.

The full text of Martin's letter to fans can be read here.


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