Garden State Comic Fest: Geeky Greatness To Hit NJ!

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July 1st, 2017

Comic Cons stole my life!

Garden State Comic Fest: Geeky Greatness To Hit NJ!

Garden State Comic Fest (GSCF) is right around the corner! Join the festivities in Morristown, NJ July 8-9 at the Mennen Area. Brought together over a shared love of comics, Dave O'Hare and Sal Zurzolo bring an affordable and fun comic con experience to North Jersey.

Garden State Comic Fest: Geeky Greatness To Hit NJ!

Our events have something for everyone, from the serious collector looking to find that super rare book to the casual fan looking to just have a great time. From comics and art to vintage toys and pop culture items. Over the past 3 plus years due to the high quality of vendors, artists, fans, and the comfortable atmosphere, we feel we are certainly one of the best comic conventions out there. - Dave O'Hare

Garden State Comic Fest

Excited fans at Garden State Comic Fest 2016. Credit: HSL Photography


GSCF is definitely providing some top notch talent this year. Dean Cain, best known for his role as Clark Kent/Superman on the hit TV show Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman as well as his recurring appearances on the ever popular show, Supergirl will be dazzling fans all weekend. Not to be outdone in the superhero genre, John Wesley Shipp will also be in attendance to represent our beloved speedster, The Flash. For those looking to check out some costume creativity, there will be a wide array of cosplay pros available. Be sure to have your camera handy as you won't want to miss a chance to grab a pic with these incredibly skilled individuals. Or, come dressed as your favorite pop culture icon and join the fun.


Garden State Comic Fest, John Wesley Shipp, Dean Cain

Credit: Garden State Comic Fest

Artists and Creators

Of course no comic con would be complete without the artists and creators.  Be sure to stop by and meet the people responsible for the bringing your favorite characters to life. Mark McKenna, Greg Hildebrand, Chris Ivy, and Tom Palmer are just a small sampling of the comic book industry veterans on hand. Looking to add some great artwork to your fandom collections? No problem. GSCF has an enviable list of talent available in their Artist Alley. Take some time to absorb their work, learn about their techniques, and decorate your home with some amazing pieces! Find your favorite artist by checking out the Creators page on the Garden State Comic Fest website.

Garden State Comic Fest,Mark McKenna, Greg Hildebrandt, Chris Ivy, Tom Palmer

A few creators at Garden State Comic Fest: Mark McKenna, Greg Hildebrandt, Chris Ivy, Tom Palmer. Credit: Garden State Comic Fest

Panels and Entertainment

From cosplay contests and costume design to debates and drawing, there is surely something for everyone. Check out the Panel and Contest Schedule prior to arrival and be ready to enjoy the action.

Garden State Comic Fest, Cosplay[1]

DC cosplayers unite at Garden state Comic Fest. Credit: Dreams in Digital Studio

Comics, Toys and Collectibles

Serious collectors are sure to have a fun-filled day searching for that rare comic book, amidst endless options. There are even certification/grading services available to evaluate your unburied treasures. And, whether a kid a heart or an actual kid, there will be plenty of merchandise to enhance one's ever expanding fandom collectibles. Take a trip down memory lane with some toys from the past or attempt to keep up with your kid's latest and greatest games and novelties. Whatever your choice, bring your wallet! 🙂

Garden State Comic Fest, Comic Books

Endless options at Garden State Comic Fest. Credit: HSL Photography

Get Your Geek On!

Get your tickets and join me at Garden State Comic Fest 2017! Follow them on social media for their latest news and updates. Facebook: @Gardenstatecomicfest Instagram: @gscomicfest Twitter: @GS_Comic_Fest

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