Game of Thrones: Paula Fairfield Says Season 7 ‘Sounds’ Amazing

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July 2nd, 2017

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Paul Fairfield, the Emmy winning Sound Designer on Game of Thrones, is the driving force being the sounds of ice and fire that take place within the epic and fantastical HBO series. Fairfield joined Game of Thrones in season three, and very quickly won acclaim for her efforts to make George R. R. Martin's Westeros sound as amazing as it looks on TV.  ComiConverse was fortunate enough to sit down with Paula Fairfield for a lengthy interview at this year's Con of Thrones in Nashville, Tennessee, where she was kind enough to talk about her experience on the show and how the 'Thrones' team have upped their 'Game' for Season 7.

 Game of Thrones: Paula Fairfield Says Season 7 'Sounds' Amazing

White Walkers

Credit: HBO's Game of Thrones

"It's a very ambitious season," said Fairfield. "We are trying a few things we've never tried before".

The Nova Scotia native talked extensively about her close working relationship with HBO Executive Producers Dan Weiss and David Benioff, and how that duo's management style has led to a culture of excellence amongst the show's technical staff.

"That's what makes the show so incredible," Fairfield went on. "Dan and David are not you're normal executive creators. They're down with everybody. They talk to everybody. If I have an idea, I send them an email and ask, 'Hey, what do you think about this?', and I hear back almost immediately from one or the other, or sometimes both.  They are that way with everyone. They are gracious, kind, funny, respectful and visionary. Because of how they treat us, and because of their beautiful vision, we will go to the ends of the earth for them."

In regards to Game of Thrones season seven, Fairfield was keen to talk about the opportunities and challenges posed by the increased presence of dragons and 'white walkers' in the show, and the increasingly fantastical world the the crew is creating as the story advances. It should be clear to all fans by this point that the world of magical creatures has arrived on the doorstep of Westeros.

"It is more fantastical. And I have a feeling that towards the end of this season it's going to amp up even more so in the finally. I mean, you can't even imagine where this thing goes this season. There are no words really, and we are responsible for creating the environment where all of this stuff takes place."

We asked Paula whether she ever feels overwhelmed by the challenges posed by the show's epic nature, her response was very human, but also extremely revealing of the dedication that has helped her capture Emmy nominations and finally a 2015 Emmy win for her team's work on Game of Thrones.

"Every season is like that," Fairfield said smiling. "This season more so than any other. When I got this season, I had like 13 minor heart attacks, sobbed inconsolably and couldn't breath for about an hour afterwards. Some of it had to do with content, and some of it had to do with 'Oh my God, how can I do that? It's a challenging process, but the opportunities are great, the environment is great. We always do rise to that level, and because of that I'm 10 times the sound designer I was when I started the show. They always push us four or five steps further than we think we are capable of going. Its absolutely wonderful."

Fans around the world will, no doubt, be overwhelmed themselves by Paula Fairfield's description of the sights and sounds in the upcoming season.

Game of Thrones returns to HBO with its seventh season on July 16th.



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