The Flash: Why You Should Be Excited for Wally West

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January 4th, 2016

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The Flash: Why You Should Be Excited for Wally West

Our Fanny Pack is here to talk about why fans of The Flash should be ecstatic over the arrival of Wally West.

This article contains spoilers for Season 2 of The Flash! Catch up and then read on!

Fans of The Flash were hugely excited to watch the Season 2 mid-season finale, which ended with the arrival of Wally West at Joe's home on Christmas Eve.

The front half of Season 2 was sprinkled with plot points surrounding Iris's mother, Francine, explaining the details of her absence from Iris's life and the reasons for her re-emergence. Iris had some heavy emotional stuff to deal with (again) after finding out that her mother was still alive. Learning she had a brother out there resulted in some pretty dramatic scenes between Iris, Joe, and Barry.

While The Flash is no stranger to on-screen drama, it was truly an enjoyable viewing experience to see more of Iris and Joe, as Candice Patton and Jesse L. Martin have created incredibly likable and empathetic characters. The addition of Keiynan Lonsdale as Wally West will mean that we see even more of Iris and Joe, and it will definitely provide more possibilities for tying in plots from some of The Flash comic story-lines.

While on-screen time for Iris seemed fairly light for the first half of Season 2, the second half is sure to bring one of our favorite ladies back to the forefront. Iris will undoubtedly have to learn how to engage with her estranged brother, and there is sure to be plenty of conversation between Iris, Joe, and Barry on how to deal with the new addition.

Credit: The Flash

Credit: The Flash

We've seen a marked distance between Iris and Barry, one understandably made wider by the new romance between Barry and Patty. The addition of Wally West could give Barry and Iris a chance to regain some of the closeness they've lost since Eddie Thawne's death; and while I personally love Patty, I can feel the impending swing of the relationship ax just waiting for the right time to strike. Hopefully, it won't be a literal axe.

A new West means more Iris and more Joe, and for that fans should be pumped!

As a huge fan of Grant Gustin's portrayal of Barry Allen as a charming, quirky, selfless, earnest, and truly lovable superhero, I am also excited to see the addition of a new kind of rival for Barry—a sibling rival. Joe has been a second father to Barry since he was a child, and the love they share is really touching to watch.

I'm sure I was not alone in my shock to see Barry's own father opt to leave town after being exonerated. It seemed odd that, after all of the lost time with Barry, Henry Allen would "peace out" to go find himself. But alas, I presume in order to keep the group dynamic alive, Barry and Joe remained tethered in a father/son relationship as they had all the years of Henry's incarceration.

Enter Wally West. Now that relationship will have no choice but to adapt to the new norm.

If Joe favours Barry, Joe will feel even more guilt than he already feels, and Barry is going to be careful not to flaunt his close relationship with Joe in Wally's face. With such a complicated family structure in the West family going forward, there is bound to be a highly entertaining awkward moment at least once an episode.

The New 52, one of the comic series that features some parallel plot points from the CW's version of The Flash, depicts Wally West, specifically in his Kid Flash phase, as married to Linda Park. Early in Season 2, we got the pleasure of watching Malese Jow play both Earth 1 Linda Park and Earth 2 Linda Park, or "Doctor Light," in the same episode. Aside from providing some comedy, the decision to feature Linda Park added yet another character to the group labeled "people who know the Flash's identity." This fact will surely not be taken lightly by the writers.

Hopefully, Linda will get a much bigger role in the future. After all, when it comes to Team Flash, it seems to be the more the merrier.

Check out the attached trailer for The Flash's Mid-Season Premiere, "Potential Energy:"

The Flash returns on Tuesday, January 19, at 8/7 c on the CW.


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