The Best Superhero Show of All-Time?

Ryan Mayer Ryan Mayer

August 8th, 2015

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The Best Superhero Show of All-Time?
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The Flash is a hit for the CW Network, but where does it rank in the all-time pantheon of superhero shows. Our Ryan Mayer has the answer.

The rise and fall of superhero television has been interesting throughout the years. There have been many flops when it comes to shows that are based around comics. These flops made many networks nervous to green-light new superhero themed shows. Some of the flops that really scared networks were The Amazing Spider Man, Birds of Prey, The Cape, and Mutant X. Each of these shows made networks truly look hard at the potential of a superhero franchise before they decided to green-light a new series.

Luckily though there have also been amazing superhero television shows that have defined generations; like the 1960's


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  1. Chris Barnes says:

    The Flash is such a great show because it whole heartedly embraced it’s comic book roots right from the start! The full on red suit, the meta-humans, everything. Easily the best show on TV.