The Flash: The Arrival Of Killer Frost

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October 9th, 2015

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The Flash: The Arrival Of Killer Frost

Season Two of The Flash is racing forward and our Fanny Pack is here to talk about the origins of Killer Frost and her presence this season in Central City.

Central City is going to get cold this season on The Flash.

Season One of The Flash introduced a number of DC characters, including some powerful villains like the Pied Piper, Captain Cold, Heatwave, Blackout, and Gorilla Grodd. Just as we know that Season Two is bringing on a few more Speedsters, we also know that Dr. Caitlin Snow is destined to become Killer Frost.


Like so many characters in the DC Cinematic Universe, Killer Frost has a number of potential back stories and has appeared in numerous comic series, cartoons, and video games. As for the CW’s version of Killer Frost, her origin is likely to start unfolding this fall and soon we will find out if Caitlin Snow will remain on Team Flash or if she will join the ranks of all the villains who came before her.

Prior versions of the Killer Frost character have been explored over the years, with her first appearance in Firestorm #3 in 1978. At the time, Killer Frost’s name was actually Crystal Frost, who was in love with her professor, Martin Stein. She became enraged when her feelings were not shared by Stein and embarked on a killing spree, dying after she drained all the heat from Firestorm. Later iterations of Killer Frost have her starting out as Dr. Louise Lincoln, a friend of Crystal Frost, and who became Killer Frost after she repeated Crystal Frost’s experiment. This version of Killer Frost was also briefly on the Suicide Squad, and was defeated by Black Canary.

Killer Frost

Credit: DC Comics

Caitlin Snow, as we see her in The Flash, so far follows that of the recent series The New 52, in that Snow begins as a scientist in S.T.A.R. Labs. The Flash has incorporated Caitlin Snow as an integral part of Team Flash, and as a character who is sensitive, kind, and unflappably loyal. It’s hard to imagine this version of Caitlin Snow becoming an evil villain, but there are a few aspects of The Flash that could lend to this kind of paradigm shift for Ms. Snow.

The New 52 depicted Caitlin Snow becoming Killer Frost after she was thrown into a thermodynamic engine by H.I.V.E. operatives. The DC Cinematic Universe has already introduced H.I.V.E. in The Arrow, since we all know Damien Darhk is about to create havoc in Star City. Since The Flash and The Arrow like to incorporate each other into their storylines, it’s likely the fight against H.I.V.E. will make its way into Central City as well. It’s possible that Caitlin Snow’s metamorphosis into Killer Frost will follow the same trajectory as in The New 52, and will further the cause against H.I.V.E. as well as give our heroes more fuel to fight following the loss of their friend.

Caitlin and Ronnie were married in the Season 1 finale of The Flash, but following in true genre form, it’s doubtful that they live happily ever after. Unlike the Killer Frost of the 1978 Firestorm #3, or even the Batman animated series Batman: The Brave and the Bold—which depicts her as the rejected ex-girlfriend of Ronnie Raymond—this Killer Frost shows no sign of following a “woman scorned” storyline. It is tough to imagine as well that Caitlin Snow could turn murderous following an actual death of Ronnie in the future, which seems the obvious way to work that kind of plot into the show if that was the direction the writers wanted to take. She believed that Ronnie was dead following the initial blast in S.T.A.R. Labs and didn’t turn into a psycho then, so it would be hard to accept her doing it later. Prior iterations of Killer Frost portray her has vengeful against men, but considering the circumstances surrounding this version, it seems that she might have a more generalized thirst for violence than that of a gender-specific one.

Killer Frost

Credit: CW Network

The other possibility for the origin of Killer Frost in The Flash might stem from the time travel element that has been introduced. We now know that there are parallel timelines—this explains how Cisco is still alive and how Central City didn’t wash away from a Tsunami. It’s possible that Killer Frost emerges in a different timeline entirely, and that would be pretty cool (pun certainly intended) because we could still keep our current beloved Caitlin just the way she is if her villain counterpart exists in another reality. I hope this is the way the story shakes out, because I personally love Caitlin Snow. Plus, now that we know Barry can travel through time, it seems that saving Caitlin from herself at least in one timeline might make the top of the priority list if things start getting chilly in Central City.

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  1. straightedgechap says:

    If Caitlin goes into a “woman scorned” storyline,it will be because of Barry.Unless there are people who are living in denial,Caitlin has feelings for Barry which will mean she’ll confess only to be rejected and cause her to later on take it out on other people

  2. Fanny DoubleWinTwins says:

    I have felt the same way watching Season 1! Caitlin and Barry had those moments when they were trying to cope with their love problems. I felt a spark there. I definitely wouldn’t discount it, but I do think if it happened, then Ronnie must be dead. That could push something like that off for awhile, like potentially far into the future and lending to the future reality Killer Frost type of idea as well.

  3. Adam Solis says:

    mabye ronnie isnt dead i was made to beleive that during the blast of central city when ronnie saved everyone that he didnt die,alright so you know how in season 1 where general eiling tried to kill martin stein and ronnie sent a message to stein well mabye if eiling had killed stein then ronnie would have died to because they are both linked to each other so if they are linked to each other then if ronnie did die then so would have stein because they are connected together.