A Delightful Feast at Garden State Comic Fest!

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July 16th, 2017

Comic Cons stole my life!

A Delightful Feast at Garden State Comic Fest!

Garden State Comic Fest (GSCF) 2017 is in the books. The cozy convention located at the Mennen Arena in Morristown, NJ provided a fantastic array of options for fans of all types. From collectors and cosplayers to creators and confections, there was surely something to strike your fancy. And oh yes, Superman, Dean Cain and The Flash, John Wesley Shipp, were on hand to greet all with their big superhero smiles.

A Delightful Feast at Garden State Comic Fest!

Garden State Comic Fest, The Flash, John Wesley Shipp, Superman, Dean Cain

John Wesley Shipp and Dean Cain all smiles as they pose with fans at Garden State Comic Fest. Credit: Garden State Comic Fest

Providing the Comic Con-nection

Garden State Comic Fest did a terrific job of delivering a solid comic con experience. Hard core comic book fans had their hands full searching through the endless selections provided by a wide variety of comic vendors. Creativity shined as cosplayers stepped out in heroic style. Artfulness was abounding with skilled creators displaying some truly stunning work. I was thrilled to finally meet the lovely and incredibly talented Bella Rachlin. Up until GSCF I had only admired her work on Instagram, it was an honor to speak with her in person. Thank you Bella! And, as always, I am happy to connect with those artists that have become part of my ever expanding 'con family'. Yours truly may have even picked up yet another commission thanks to the talented and ever charismatic, Chris Campana.

Garden State Comic Fest, Bella Rachlin, Emma Kubert, Chris Campana

Artists Bella Rachlin, Emma Kubert & Chris Campana. Credit: Linda Marie

In addition to the endless creativity, GSCF provided several entertaining panels located right on the convention floor. Convenient panel positioning enabled fans, myself included, the ability to catch some fascinating discussions, Q&As and contests without missing any action. This may not seem like a big deal to some, but for a fan that wants to catch as much as possible, location is key. Too often I have missed a panel because I simply had no time to reach it. So I thank you Garden State Comic Fest!


Garden State Comic Fest, Panel

Quiz time at Garden State Comic Fest. Credit: Linda Marie

For those fans looking to pick up some cool trinkets, a treasured collectible or simply a bite to eat, GSCF had a merchant to fit all your needs. I definitely appreciated the coffee sampling supplied by Deadly Grounds Coffee; not only did I get a boost, it was delicious and went well the treats I bought from The Chocolate Art Gallery. Thank goodness I'm a fitness trainer. 🙂 Edibles aside, there were many other cool items to check out; jewelry, clothing, toys, and books to name just a few.

Garden State Comic Fest

Lots to see at Garden State Comic Fest. Credit: Linda Marie


I do not normally give specific attention to a celebrity during my convention wrap-ups, but this time it felt appropriate. The fans adore John Wesley Shipp and The Flash costumes were prominent throughout the weekend. I was fortunate for the opportunity to stand by Mr. Shipp's autograph area and observe the warmth and appreciation he showed to all his fans. He is a humble guy that is truly happy to share the love of his character and admiration of his cast mates. Mr. Shipp was also kind enough to hold a Q&A panel; giving fans the opportunity to learn more about their favorite hero. His answers were always honest, thoughtful and insightful; he is not only a great actor, he is a truly caring individual.

Garden State Comic Fest, The Flash, John Wesley Shipp

John Wesley Shipp engages the fans ar Garden State Comic Fest. Credit: LInda Marie

Standing Out

Having already attended several comic conventions this year, I am always looking for those aspects that make a given event special. And what stood out at Garden State Comic Fest? Ice. Yup, ice. This convention was held at a skating arena containing three rinks. Two had flooring placed atop them for conventional purposes, but the third rink remained open for skaters. It was amusing to see costumed fans slap on skates and do their very best to show some slick style. Kudos to all those brave souls; cosplay cool indeed!

Garden State Comic State, Cosplay

Cosplay on ice at Garden State Comic Fest! Credit: Unknown

Last but certainly not least, GSCF had some stellar people working hard behind the scenes. Staff, management, volunteers, and security; all were incredibly helpful, knowledgeable, and polite. While crossing convention paths, I have gotten to know a few of these people on a personal level and they always bring a smile to face. Simple politeness and respect can make a huge difference for a fan's overall experience. I am always happy to mention when an event does this well... Garden State Comic Fest does this well!

Garden State Comic Fest, The Flash, John Wesley Shipp, Superman, Dean Cain, Loren Lester

Dean Cain, Loren Lester, and John Wesley Shipp pose with the hardworking volunteers at Garden State Comic Fest. Credit: Garden State Comic Fest

Thank You!

I enjoyed my weekend at Garden State Comic Fest and I would like to thank owners Dave O'Hare and Sal Zurzolo for the opportunity to cover their event. Be sure to also check out Earplug Podcast and listen in as The Angry Geeks chatted with guests, artists, and creators throughout the weekend! Follow GSCF on social media for all the latest news and updates. Facebook: @Gardenstatecomicfest Twitter: @GS_Comic_Fest Instagram: @gscomicfest .

See you all next year!

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