Booster Gold And Blue Beetle Are Coming

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September 19th, 2015

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Booster Gold And Blue Beetle Are Coming

In some of the best news comic fans could possibly get on a weekday night, fans were greeted with some of the best news involving Warner Bros. new DC Extended Universe (DCEU). The DCEU has been in development for years now and is starting to head towards its birth with Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice release date getting closer and closer.

With the start of the DCEU on its way, many fans are hoping that lesser known more obscure characters will be added into the universe. The talk of a possible Justice League Dark as a follow-up to the Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad movies have given hope to fans that Warner Bros. are willing to create movies that follow minor characters as well as DC's heavy hitters.

In news that shocked fans, a report came out from The Tracking Board, stating that Warner Bros. are developing a Booster Gold and Blue Beetle movie that will be a part of the new DCEU. The report states that well known producer Greg Berlanti will be in charge. Berlanti is responsible for the CW network's huge shows The Flash and Arrow, as well as the upcoming show Suprgirl on CBS. It is said the Berlanti will produce and is set to direct the movie as well.

The Booster Gold and Blue Beetle movie will most likely have a lighter tone than the rest of the DCEU and will be more of a comedy; which would be a big departure for these franchises. This movie could set a precedent for more obscure DC Universe characters getting chances at the big or small screen.

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Booster Gold and Blue Beetle have been a fan favourites at DC Comics for so long that actor Nathan Fillion who is known for his work on Castle, FireFly, and voicing Green Lantern in DC's animated movies came out a couple weeks ago claiming that he wanted to play Booster Gold in the DCEU.

Well, his chance has arrived and we doubt many fans would be upset to see Fillion in the DCEU, if in fact he gets his wish.


Booster Gold, in brief, is Michael John Carter, a man from 25th century Gotham City. He is a time traveling hero who, at first, was actually a criminal. In the 25th century he had a pretty rough life. With his mom having a life threatening disease, Booster turned to crime to pay for her treatments. After she was cured, he was arrested and this broke his mother's heart.

After being released he gained a job at the Metropolis Space Museum, where he was in awe of the legendary heroes of the 20th century. Armed with gadgets from the 25th century Booster used a time machine to go back in time and become “Booster Gold: Hero of the Future”. Booster loved the spotlight and sometimes would become an annoyance to other heroes, although he usually had good intentions. As a part of the Justice League International, Booster met his long time buddy and partner Blue

The Blue Beetle is not truly a person but a scarab that allows the wearer that it chooses to gain super-human powers. The most well known and liked version of Blue Beetle is Jaimie Reyes who after finding the Scarab on his walk home. As he was walking, a magic meta-human posse attempted to scan Reyes so that he can join their gang; mistaking the scarab's power for his. Reyes declined the gang's offer, but the scarab was not to happy about being scanned and attacked the gang; nearly killing some. The next night Booster Gold found Reyes and took him to see Batman.

The rest is history.

It will be exciting to see what kind of movie Warner Bros. decides to make with all this content. One thing is for sure many fans are going to be excited to see this duo on the screen, fighting crime together. One way this movie can escalate fans excitement is by having DC cast Nathan Fillion as Booster Gold. Fillion just mentioning that he would play Booster has fans freaking out. If he is actually cast, excitement for the film would definitely surge.

Only time will tell what this movie will develop into. The DCEU is starting to take a shape. Now all fans have to do is wait to see if these movies hit their mark.


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