Dark Light Con: A Treat for Supernatural Fans

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May 12th, 2017

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Dark Light Con: A Treat for Supernatural Fans

Dark Light Con is a new event: a chance for fans of Supernatural to meet actors from the show and spend a weekend together. ComiConverse contributor Elodie Cure had the chance to visit this year's first ever Dark Light Con, and has this report.

Hats off to People-Con with the Dark Light Con based on the long-time series Supernatural.

As season 12 of Supernatural, currently running on the CW, nears its end, the People-Con organization has invited fans of the show for the Dark Light Con, its first Supernatural convention which took place at the end of April. The program of these two days included: meetings, concerts, photoshoots, autographs and chances to meet the actors.


Exclusive guests of this first edition included: Mark Pellegrino (Lucifer), Mark Sheppard (Crowley), Matt Cohen (Young John Winchester), Rob Benedict (God) and Richard Speight (The Trickster and Gabriel)

Dark Light Con

Mark Sheppard. Photo Credit : Elodie Cure

I've been to many conventions and the Supernatural ones remain by far my favorites. Not only is the cast exceptional but the fandom itself also has something unique. Dark Light Con underlined this uniqueness once again.

A Special Fandom

Supernatural is renowned for possessing one of the best fandoms in show business. Events like Dark Light Con make that abundantly clear. Fans of all ages, from different countries, came to meet actors, many of whom are minor in the show having appeared in less than 10 episodes. This level of fan dedication is proof that this show has a strong influence on its viewers.

The Dark Light Con was an occasion for all Supernatural fans to share their common passion and meet new people. This #SPNFamily (the name speaks for itself) grows everyday. The reason the show has survived for so long it because of the supportive fan-family.

Dark Light Con

Richard Speight and Rob Benedict. Photo Credit: Elodie Cure

Approachable and Affectionate Guests

The actors present were electric, from Matt Cohen’s charming smile, to Rob Benedict’s gentleness, to Mark Pellegrino’s charisma, to Mark Sheppard’s dry sense of humor, to Richard Speight’s French accent, each brought a special charisma to the event. They all confided in the audience about diverse subjects. Their enthusiasm could be seen on their faces and was clearly communicated. They shouted it out loud and clear. They were more than happy; they were all grateful to be in Paris sharing their experiences with us.

Beyond their comedy skills, these guys were the life of the party. Rob offered us a short overview of his concert with a bewitching interpretation of “Hallelujah”, while Richard, in a completely different vein, sang a French song called “Je suis très très malade” (I am very very sick). The camaraderie between the actors was obvious even though most of them haven’t shared any scenes on Supernatural. Between jokes, revelations of hilarious anecdotes and numerous improvisations, the guests shared the best parts of themselves with the fans.

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Dark Light Con

Rob Benedict and Richard Speight, Photo Credit: Elodie Cure

People Con – A Rising Organization

SPN has a long convention history in France. Numerous organizations have crossed swords with this giant series but all of them have have lost feathers. For its first convention, People-Con began with a dynamic and intimate event hosted by a dedicated staff. The organization was thorough and allowed fans to fully enjoy their weekend. People-Con has thus fulfilled its contract: to put stars in the eyes of the fans and leave them at the end of the weekend craving another convention. Well done!

Dark Light Con

Mark Pellegrino and Matt Cohen. Photo Credit: Elodie Cure

People-Con has already announced a Dark Light Con 2 that will take place the 26th and 27th of May 2018. Osric Chau and Jim Beaver are the first confirmed guests. See you next year for another exciting event.

For more information about the event or the organization : www.people-convention.com
For more picture of the Dark Light Con : Click Here

Special thanks to People-Con for allowing me to spend this wonderful weekend with talented actors and dedicated fans.

Elodie Cure is a Contributor to ComiConverse. Follow her on Twitter @Elodie_Cure.

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