Welcome To ComiConverse

Michael Whitlatch ComiConverse
June 2nd, 2015

A Super Empowered Community.


It's not just the name of our startup, its something we all do.  Its kinetic. It just comes naturally.

Welcome To ComiConverse

We ComiConverse every time we speculate about who might be next on the Walking Dead, or who might eventually sit on the Iron Throne. We do it every time we ask why they keep making Transformers movies or why Jar Jar Binks seemed like a good idea.

We're so happy that you've taken the time to let us converse with you about this community we are building and that we love.

The website you are visiting at he moment is the very first milestone in what, we hope, will be a long and remarkable journey.

July 1st represents our startup's soft launch, which means, sadly, we can't share many of the details  of what lies in the store here over the coming months and years.

What we can share in the meantime, however, is our passion.

Over the past year, we have been keeping a handful of interested parties up to date with our ComiConversations startup blog.

We've taken aim at some of the critiques levelled at the Comic-Con community in recent years, and gushed about the remarkable people we've met while putting this startup together.

Now that we are finally up and running, its important you know a little bit about what we're up to.

If ComiConverse could be boiled down to one word, that word would be community.  We don't believe that the web has yet to master the art of giving comics and pop-culture fans the virtual space they want and deserve and we are going to do our best to prove it.

We know none of that will come quickly.

For now, we are offering you the news, analysis, opinions and art of our extremely dedicated group of Contributors.  Our own ComiConverse Editorials will give space for this page's own voice to develop and be heard.  We hope its a voice that captures your attention and your trust.


One of the small features we think you'll love is a little something we are calling The Graphics Novel.  Its a space that will be home to very our ComiConverse infographics - which we offer with love and hope to see shared far and wide across the web.

The internet has never been a more polarized place for fandoms to engage, debate and discuss.

It can be rough out here, but we operate on a simple theory. If you give love and shine lights on fellow fans, artists and creatives, then that love will be returned.

If you have read this far, then perhaps you'll grace our site again and help prove us right.

ComiConverse is a startup-in-progress.  Follow us on Twitter: @ComiConverse

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