Comic Book Movies: Which Was Your Favourite of 2016?

Dewayne Edwards

February 8th, 2017

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Comic Book Movies: Which Was Your Favourite of 2016?
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No. 4: Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice

Comic Book Movies

Credit: Batman v Superman

This ranking comes from the theatrical release, not the director's cut. Obviously, there is a lot of controversy that surrounds this movie. Many online arguments have been waged over this film. When it comes to the theatrical version of this movie, I find myself being in the middle. I don't think it was as bad as many of my friends -- and many critics -- claim. However, there are clear issues with the film such as plot points that don't add up, similar to Suicide Squad. To be honest, the fact that Batman and Superman would go at it was a major bonus for me since it is something I never thought I would see. I probably shouldn't be shocked anymore with what the world of comic book movies encompasses anymore since fans go crazy for a talking raccoon and sentient tree. Overall I enjoyed this film a lot. Obvious issues aside, it was a lot of fun and had some great visuals and portrayals that have me excited for future films.

#3 Dr. Strange


Comic Book Movies

Credit: Dr. Strange

The last big superhero release of 2016, is, visually, stunning film that tells an engaging origin story to a character who will play a key part in the MCEU for many films to come. I wasn't familiar with Dr. Strange before the film, so I was excited to enter with an open mind and see what the studio had in store. There are few elements that left me confused or that I felt were unnecessary. The flaw that stood out to me was the amount of humor. I felt that there was a little too much. I know that's part of the Marvel formula, and it's clearly a winning formula, but there were times when I was taken out of the story because the film went for a joke that was out of place or unearned. At the same time, there were moments where I could appreciate the humor. Besides the spectacular visuals, my favorite part of the film was watching the character development of Stephen Strange. I am looking forward to how he will grow into his role in the MCU in the future.

#2 Deadpool

Comic Book Movies

Credit: Deadpool

The first comic book movie of the year, Deadpool, shocked a lot of people with its success at the box office. Even better, the film was a fresh type of great entertainment. With a character like Deadpool, it is to mess him up -- look at 2009's X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The studio clearly learned from their mistakes and gave us an hilarious, romantic action comedy that has fans clamoring for more. Deadpool is one of the most accurate and funniest comic book adaptations. The film's unwillingness to pull its punches is what makes it work. Even though we hear rumors of trouble going on with the sequel, I'm confident in the Deadpool's future.


Comic Book Movies

Credit: Captain America: Civil War

A hit that brought Spider-man, one of the most loved Marvel characters, into the MCU with a bang. Captain America: Civil War is a fun, deceptively complex film that left me grinning ear to ear as I left the theater. It was not a hard decision for me to put this film at number one on the list. The only issue that comes to mind is one that has been ongoing for Marvel: a sub-par villain. Other than that, I would be nit picking for things that I didn't like. I really enjoyed this film and it left me eagerly anticipating more.

So, do you agree with my list?

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What's your favorite comic book movie of the year?

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