Comic Book Movies: Why We Shouldn’t Want the DCEU to Fail

Dewayne Edwards Dewayne Edwards
March 12th, 2017

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The DCEU has been under the spotlight of criticism for years now. With rumors of Ben Affleck wanting out of playing Batman (please take that with a grain of salt), and other inner things happening with Warner Bros. and their movies. A lot of people are losing their confidence with the DCEU. If you're a comic book movie fan who doesn't like the DCEU for any reason, the problems might make you feel happy, but that might be a huge mistake. 

Comic Book Movies: Why We Shouldn't Want the DCEU to Fail

If you build it, they will come. The MCU has arguably started the trend of a shared universe of movies. And after their high success with Avengers, a film that allowed us to see what can come together with the right amount of planning, we've seen many studios jump on this trend. Bringing us to the DCEU, a cinematic universe that I was excited to see come to life. But with how the DCEU films has been so far, it's hard not to notice the negative parts from the films. Don't get me wrong, I love Man of Steel and I think it's the greatest film in the DCEU and greatest Superman movie we ever got. But when it comes Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad, I defiantly have my issues and so do a lot of other people. For some that's a good thing, given that they want to see the DCEU fail because of how much alliance they feel towards the MCU or any other studio or just because they hate comic book movies all together.

Obviously when there are companies like Marvel and DC with great characters, it's only inevitable that there will be a huge following of fans. But sadly sometimes some fans choose to fight for one side and put down the other. There's nothing wrong with favoring one over the other but when it comes to the MCU and the DCEU, we have to realize that if one fails, it can lead to the potential for the other to fail. Believe it or not, the majority of the movie going audience aren't the huge comic book movie fans that keep up with all the news and other talk about comic book movies like us. And for them, it's all the same thing and if they see they think one comic book movie isn't good, that might lead them to not wanting to see the other next comic book movie. So as comic book movie fans, we don't have to want to see a movie but at the same time we shouldn't want a studio like Warner Bros. with the DCEU fail just to make ourselves feel better about the MCU and vice versa because I'm sure the studios don't won't that either.


Don't get it mistaken, the MCU doesn't want the DCEU to fail and the DCEU doesn't want the MCU to fail. They want each other to succeed. Yes, they are in competition with each other, what sort of businesses that sell similar products aren't, but when it comes to the movies, they know the majority of movie going fans are just going for entertainment, not knowing all the little details like we do. There's nothing wrong with any friendly debate about which movie or character is better, that's what's fun about being a fan of something. But we need to understand that as a community of comic book movie lovers, we need to want every movie that comes out to be a successful one.


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