Comic Book Movie: Making Fantastic 4 Fantastic

Dewayne Edwards Dewayne Edwards
February 14th, 2017

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Comic Book Movie: Making Fantastic 4 Fantastic

After three unsuccessful attempts at Fantastic 4 films, a lot of movie fans are begging Fox Studios to give the rights to the quartet back to Marvel. As of right now, the MCU has earned the trust of an audience. ComiConverse contributor Dewayne Edwards explains why the Fantastic 4 needs to go back to Marvel and all the great things the studio could do with the characters.

The Fantastic 4, is one of the greatest and most popular superhero groups. They represent family and what can be accomplished when different people come together to accomplish something for the greater good. After repeated failures by Fox Studios, it stands to reason audiences would be done with the Fantastic 4. If anything, they are hungry to see a worthy version of the characters on the big screen.

Fantastic 4

Credit: Fox Studios

Fox Studios has taken three swings at making a Fantastic 4 film. In the opinion of critics and audiences, they have all been big misses. This is why I believe that it is time for Marvel to have a turn. I don't think Marvel needs to get every character they sold back because, if they did, we would never get a movie like Deadpool. What the world of the MCU does best is bring a wide range of characters, believably, to life in a movie. When it comes to the Fantastic 4 I think they could knock it out of the park.

For example, Spider-Man's appearance in Captain America: Civil War and the trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming, demonstrate how the MCU can soar when they get a character previously owned by another studio. After The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was critically panned, Disney and Sony were came to a deal hat allowed Spider-Man to appear as part of the MCU. As we can see, so far, Marvel is doing a great job with the character. Given that Spider-Man was only in two scenes in Civil War and all we have of him other than that is a trailer, judgement cannot be passed yet. But still, what he have thus far, points to great things to come.

Fantastic 4


As we all know, the MCU is heading towards a grand battle with Thanos. I don't think a lot of people other than Kevin Feige and a few top Marvel executives and creatives know the particulars of what will happen after that. When Phase 4 begins, it would be great if the Fantastic 4 showed up. Not only would this be a chance for them to be properly brought to life on the big screen, but also some great villains would come with them. For example, Galactus would be another big bad who could make a mark on the MCU. Brining along Silver Surfer and other heroes who are attached to the Fantastic 4 could add more depth to the ever expanding MCU.

Dewayne Edwards is a contributor to ComiConverse. Follow him on Twitter: @ProPizza94

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