Chris Campana Draws Us Back Into First World

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May 29th, 2017

Comic Cons stole my life!

Chris Campana Draws Us Back Into First World

Artist Chris Campana made an appearance last weekend at famed comic book store, Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash (The Stash) located in Red Bank, New Jersey. While The Stash is best known as the setting for AMC's hit TV show Comic Book Men, it was the place to be as Mr. Campana celebrated the release of his indie comic, First World Volume 2 Artist Edition.

Chris Campana Draws Us Back Into First World

"Campana has done it again! First World Volume 2 continues to show his ability to build a fantasy world, through his amazing art!" - Michael Zapcic of AMC'S Comic Book Men

The ever charismatic Chris Campana greeted friends and fans, signed copies of his book, engaged in some witty geek banter all while sketching the afternoon away. His passion, his drive, his talent and the appreciation he shows to those that support him are just a few reasons Chris is able to succeed in doing what he loves most.



Artist Chris Campana engages fans during his appearance at The Stash. Credit: Linda Marie

First World

First World is an epic fantasy complete with dragons, ogres, wizards and castles; a place where destiny takes a backseat to choices. When given an opportunity to become great, will we make the right decision? Something to consider as we progress through our own lives.\r\n

The Journey Continues

It is exciting to see Chris expand his First World horizons into this all pencil second volume; an "Artist Edition" designed for the fans. First World Volume 2 looks amazing and I cannot wait to delve in! Always an avid supporter of the artists, writers, and creators I meet at comic conventions, I am truly grateful to have crossed paths with Chris and proud to be listed as a supporter in First World Volume 2.


Artwork from First World Volume 2. Credit: Chris Campana\r\n

We showed them our ways, we took them in, trusted them. Their kind wanted so badly to be great, but they fell terribly short. Too easily swayed within their own minds. Too quick to follow the words of false prophets... too easily tricked.\r\n\r\nAlas, we left them, we had to. Humans... such potential, such failure. One can only hope they find their path, before it\'s too late. - Excerpt First World Volume 2


Artwork from First World Volume 2. Credit: Chris Campana

'Con'-necting With Chris

\r\nI first met Chris last year at Baltimore Comic Con (BCC), and am fortunate to now call him a friend. I\'ve seen him put his heart and soul into his work and cannot thank him enough for introducing me into the world of comic creators. Truth be told, I never even stepped foot into a comic book store until last weekend (insert gasps here). Learning about Chris and those that have inspired his journey has opened up a whole new world to me. It was definitely a fascinating and humorous afternoon at The Stash. I learned a lot as I listened to Chris and fellow fans fervently discuss the fantastical worlds and characters we all love so much. If laughter is the best medicine then we were all feeling very good that day. 🙂

Chris Campana having fun while inspiring young fans! Credit: Linda Marie

Thank You!

I wish Chris continued success and look forward to seeing him again very soon. Visit to purchase your copy of First World Volume 2. Follow him on social media for all his latest news and updates. Facebook: @CampanaArt Twitter: @Chriscampana1 Instagram: campanaart Also, be sure to listen in on his Random Thoughts podcast with Ashley Borsh and Comic Book Men's own Ming Chen. I look forward to perhaps adding my own Random Thoughts. 😉

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