Should Steve Rogers Be Honorably Discharged?

Scotty Cook Scotty Cook
August 12th, 2015

Should Steve Rogers Be Honorably Discharged?

Captain America has certainly seen some highs and lows over the years. Our Scott Yinling looks at what needs to be done with Steve Rogers character going forward.

Since Steve Rogers returned from Dimension Z, we have seen the rapid, and in my opinion, heartbreaking deterioration of America’s greatest hero. Growing up in an ultra-patriotic home, living next to a military town and having several members of my family in the military, Steve Rogers has always been the ultimate superhero. He was, and still is, a sentinel of bravery and champion of the underdog. I hear many people say that they don’t like Steve Rogers and the “American Way” he represents. Others say that he is a puppet for our corrupted system of government. That seems to ring rather hollow.

The one aspect of Steve Rogers that has always appealed to me as a human is the fact that he is the first to question our government, even if it means giving up the mantle of Captain America. Twice he walked away from the title because he felt the government didn’t have the American people’s best interest in mind. It is because he walked away that many see him as America’s greatest superhero.

With all that said, I think it’s time for Marvel to buy Steve a house on some seaside resort, give him a hefty pension and let the man retire in peace. If you take a small snapshot of Steve Rogers’ life since his return from Dimension Z it would make your head spin.

The man loses his super serum powers, ages at an incredible rate, adopts a son and hands over his shield. It absolutely rips my heart out to see Steve Rogers take on the role of the old man, leading from behind the lines and watching the action unfold on a computer screen. No one wants to see Steve Rogers get his powers back more than I do, but at this point it would make even me, a 30 year Cap fanatic, throw my hands in the air and scream, “YEAH RIGHT!”

You have to respect the fact that Marvel brought him back after he was shot by a snipers bullet and the whole  Bucky arc was okay, but let’s take a quick look at what the future holds. Capt. Sam Wilson is the obvious and best choice to take the shield. The New Captain America story arc is amazing and is a great direction for Captain America to move in the future. Sam Wilson is smart, compassionate and bets of all, he can talk to birds.

But where does Steve Rogers go from here?

He has years of experience and is a battle-hardened warrior that has saved the Earth many times. There have been rumors that old man Steve is going to lead the new Uncanny Avengers in this Fall’s new story arc and there are still other rumors that say he will act as advisor to Sam Wilson and his son as they take on ever more dangerous missions. Is anybody else feeling sick to their stomachs right now?


Don’t drag this on Marvel.

Let Steve and Sharon go into a super top secret S.H.I.E.L.D witness protection program and give the guy a retirement he deserves.


Let America’s greatest soldier go out with an incredible, jaw-dropping, one shot comic. Show Steve stoically putting on the uniform one more time as he replays his entire career in his head. Illustrate his battle scars and let us see the joy and pain on his face as he blasts his way into an unwinnable fight. Give him a cause that he, and all of us, can stand behind and allow comic nerds everywhere to weep as Steve passes into the afterlife with glory and honour.

Too dramatic?

Maybe, but let me end on this.

My grandpa was an Army Medic that fought bravely in World War II. After 66 years of marriage to my grandma, he passed away from cancer in a hospital bed. A man who survived the great depression, three years in the South Pacific during a World War, two kids, five grandkids and all the rest that life threw at him, was taken out by an undetected collection of cells that ruined his body in less than a week.

If given the chance to go back and make a choice to go out from old age and cancer or serve his country in one more blaze of glory, I wonder which he would have chosen?

Thank you, Steve Rogers, for your service but it’s time to fully hand over the shield and let Sam Wilson be the Captain for the next generation.


Scott Yingling is a Contributor to ComiConverse. Follow him on Twitter: @WriterSNY

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