Can R Rated Comic Book Movies Be The Next Trend?

Dewayne Edwards Dewayne Edwards
March 24th, 2017

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R rated comic book movies have been  around for a long time now, for example Blade. But not until recently in this new era of comic book movies have people wondered whether this could be the next big trend for these films. Recently we have seen a lot of success with R rated comic book movies, with both Deadpool and Logan being popular with critics and at the box office. Our Dewayne Edwards will go over if R rated comic book movies could be the next big trend.

Can R-Rated Comic Book Movies Be The Next Trend?

The one thing all movie studios have in common is the fear of attempting a R-rated comic book movie. Something I don't blame them for, since such a rating would cut out a good portion of an audience a comic book movie would usually be going for. But if there's anything that Hollywood has taught us, it's that they love following a trend and they will always follow the money.

Attempting a R-rated comic book movie is a risky thing and isn't the easiest thing to do right. Still, some movies have had success in doing so. Lets not forget, before Logan and Deadpool, there was Kingsman: The Secret ServiceWatchmen, Dredd, and Kickass. All of these were R-rated comic movies that were successful, one way or another, in allowing the movie going audience to see how good a comic book movie can be when characters and or their stories are allowed to reach their full R-rated potential.


When it comes to making a R-rated comic book movie, or any movie for the matter of fact, there's no one tone or formula that you have to follow. For example, Deadpool and Logan both have a lot of violence with a lot of blood, but when it comes their tone they are completely different. Deadpool approaches things with a lighter comedic tone and Logan goes for the darker emotional tone that really tugs at the heart strings. Both movies were critically loved and had a lot of success at the box office. Seeing that the tone of a comic book movie doesn't have to be one certain way to go the R-rated route, any character and their story can be made into a R-rated comic book movie with enough vision. So whether a character has a lighter or dark tone to their story and who they are to the core doesn't matter,  an R rated film can be done if it's done right. But when looking at the characters and their stories as a whole, are their stories in need of a R-rating?



If we take a look and compare two comic book characters like Batman and Captain America, both characters have movies that we love, but I believe only one of them could honestly benefit from getting a R-rating in the future.

I'm talking about Captain America. An R-rated movie could really add to his boy scout attitude.

I'm just kidding. All of you know I'm talking about Batman.

We have seen Batman in a PG-13 rating work extremely well, but something tells me that an R-rating can not only add to Batman but his villains as a whole. An R-rating can take away the limits that are put on Batman stories, ones that some fans were lucky to see removed in the unrated version of Batman v. Superman. Being a hero who debatably has one of the greatest galleries of villains, a R-rating will allow us to see how mischievous they can be and the stories that go along with that.

Going back to Captain America, a character that I don't think could benefit from a R-rating, he is someone that doesn't need that gritty tone or adult wise cracking jokes. A PG-13 suits him well because we are able to get those compelling stories with a character that comes from a lighter-toned background. So when thinking about all the comic book characters out there, not all of them need that R-rating that seem to suit some characters very well. Although I think a very good argument can be put up for Iron Man in the future.

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We know Hollywood likes to follow a trend. When one studio sees that something works and has a lot success, especially more than once, everyone likes to hop on the money train and ride it. So I do believe that we will see a rise in R-rated comic book movies.

Movie studios aren't dumb and know that making R-rated comic book movies will take away some of the younger movie going audience that brings in a lot of money. In my opinion, the R-rating trend won't be something that catches on too much with Hollywood and I think FOX Studios will stay the champs in delivering the R-rated films that we do get. Obviously R-rated comic book movies can work out great, but I believe they need to stay with the characters who come from the adult, gory, and gritty backgrounds.


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