Can Logan Win an Oscar?

Dewayne Edwards

April 8th, 2017

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Logan, another R rated Fox owned Marvel film with a lot of positive response. Even more than Deadpool, leaving everyone wondering if this will be the first comic book movie to win best picture for the up coming Oscars since Dark Knight. Our Dewayne Edwards will explain why Logan may or may not have a chance in winning at the Oscars.

Can Logan Win an Oscar?


Being in my top three favorite comic book movies now and making it a great start for 2017, Logan has seriously set the bars high for upcoming comic book movies, not just for 2017 but for years to come. A Wolverine we've all been waiting for, who knew it was an R rating that we needed to bring this sort of version of wolverine to life. Or maybe not, yes, the blood and guts being spilled by Logan and X-23 was pretty fun and exciting to look at but we could of gotten that and a horrible movie at the same time. The story and message that was at the center of it is what's making everyone rave about this film and causing them to go back two or three times to see it again.



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That being said, we're all wondering if this could be the one that makes it to the Oscars when it comes to the best picture category. It still being March and Oscar talk not happening until the end of the year, it's risky to assume that this will happen. There are a things that may hinder this opportunity with Logan having such an early release date with in the year. Those things being other movies, we still have a very big slate of movies coming out this year and we still have time to find out about more of the Oscar bate movies coming out towards the end of the year. Luckily with the help from the fantastic film The Dark Knight, the Oscars has made room for the option for there to be ten nominations. Giving Logan the chance to be in the running and maybe even winning.

Personally I'm still debating if I like Logan more than I like The Dark Knight and that film wasn't nominated for its year. So how could Logan have any chance? Like I said, there's more open slots and the fact that the movie going audience from the important voters on Oscar nominations to the average going movie goer are taking comic book movies more serious gives it a upper hand. Logan has that dark tone similar to The Dark Knight giving it that thing that most Oscar voters love. Making Logan something to remember for the end of the year.

Logan was a fantastic film and if it doesn't make my top ten by the end of the year I will be extremely surprised and happy because that means this year has some incredible movies. I believe Logan has a great chance being nominated for best picture, if anything, maybe some other categories like actors and or sound. As of right now I also believe it deserve best picture but we are only in March. We have a long year of great movies to come out wether that's comic book movies or not. So my opinion can change very soon. But even with that being said even if Logan gets nominated, which I think it should and will be, that will be a great accomplishment for comic book movies and fans.




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