Breaking Down The Deadpool Trailer

Joshua Birch Joshua Birch
August 5th, 2015

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Breaking Down The Deadpool Trailer

The Deadpool movie has long been anticipated and, since the leaked footage that surfaced on the internet in July, its all anybody seems to be talking about.  Fox decided to make the full trailer available last night and the internet went indiscriminately crazy.

The trailer started off with Wade Wilson's origin story, summarizing that Wade contracted cancer in many parts of his body and agreed to be a test subject for Weapon X, resulting in his being granted super strength, healing powers and more.

The tests left wade with horrifically disfigured skin. The witty and cheeky references Wade made about the Green Lantern movie before going into the operating room were well received and everyone was glad to see Ryan making fun of the other superhero themed movie he starred in.

Flash to Wade Wilson sitting above a highway in his recognizable Deadpool costume jamming out to R&B music while drawing a cartoon of him nailing someone in the head. These kind of sequences capture the comics character perfectly. It felt like the crude joke-cracking Deadpool we all know and adore, and I know that this movie is going to deliver big time and possibly be the start of a new era for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The way this movie looks at the moment, is that it is really not going to hold back on Deadpool's true personality, which I think is what a lot of fans were worried about. One thing that might let the movie down is the fact that Wade Wilson doesn't seem to be a schizophrenic, like in the comics, but I'm sure that the director Tim Miller and Ryan Reynolds have worked around that and we will all probably forget about the little voices inside Wade's head. As we saw in the "trailer for the trailer", it looks like Wade will be breaking the fourth wall a lot, which will definitely be exiting to see. Deadpool loves to connect with fans every time he pulls off a badass kill.


One thing I loved was watching the trailer for the new Fantastic Four and suddenly Deadpools shows up and promotes his movie!

The Red Band trailer goes to places that I thought Marvel would never dare to enter. The band language and violence will definitely appeal to a different demographic than their proviso films.

We also see a member of the X-Force, Colossus, show up and with no emotion at all toss Deadpool into a car. it was a funny scene and Im very looking forward to see how they add Colossus into the movie and how big of a role he plays.


The trailer was absolutely everything I wanted and more and I am ecstatic to see how the movie plays out and how all the characters work.

20th Century Fox will release Deadpool on 12 February 2016.


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