Breaking Down The Captain America: Civil War Trailer

Grant Billings Grant Billings
November 28th, 2015

Breaking Down The Captain America: Civil War Trailer
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No. 1: The Opening Scene

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 3.02.51 AM

Credit: Marvel Studios

The teaser open with a familiar (although less detailed) scene from the last frame of Ant-Man.

The scene moves on with Cap and Bucky talking while Falcon looks on (Bucky is in the Red hoody). This scene has more significance than you may think. It's the first inkling, since Bucky saved Cap's life in The Winter Soldier, that he does remember his good 'ol friend Steve from way back when. We get to see how glad Steve is now that he has his old best friend back - and he isn't trying to kill him.

Cap asks Bucky, "Do you remember me?". "You're mom's name was Sara. You used to wear newspapers in your shoes," Bucky responds. Cap's face lights up.

Immediately after, the screen goes black then shows a building getting blown to bits. Cap's voice is the background talking about how Bucky is still a wanted man for his past doings as The Winter Soldier. But Bucky assures him that he isn't that guy anymore. Cue the fighting, and Bucky running from what seems to be an armed squad of men (this could allude to Crossbones), which gives Bucky no option but to (apparently) fall to his death after jumping from a building rooftop (he's Bucky, he'll be fine).

Cue Marvel Studios logo.

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