Boston Comic Con – Pop Culture Paradise!

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August 19th, 2017

Comic Cons stole my life!

Boston Comic Con – Pop Culture Paradise!

Boston Comic Con 2017 was the pop culture place to be this past weekend. Fans lined up throughout the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center to meet their favorite celebrities, flaunt their fandom fierceness, pick up some prized possessions, and embrace all things nerd-tastic!

Boston Comic Con - Pop Culture Paradise!

Boston Comic Con

Fans in line to kick things off at Boston Comic Con. Credit: Linda Marie

Boston Comic Con Overrun With Awesome

With names like Stan Lee, Ming-Na Wen, Ian Somerhalder and Charlie Cox in the house, it is no wonder that enthusiastic crowds formed quickly. The excitement was contagious and I could not help but smile as I watched my fellow fans ‘geek out’ in anticipation of being face to face with their fandom heroes. Kudos to the BCC staff and volunteers for their amazing efforts in controlling the chaos.

Boston Comic Con

Fans line up for autographs at Boston Comic Con. Credit: Linda Marie

Maneuvering throughout the convention floor was challenging but was well worth the effort. Boston Comic Con offered an incredible collection of skilled and creative individuals. Such a treat to see artists, authors, and designers put their skills on display. I always insist that fans visit artist alley when attending any convention. You simply never know the gems just waiting to be found and BCC was filled with treasures on every artistic level.


Boston Comic Con

Talent on display at Boston Comic Comic Con. Tabitha Lord, Cory Smith, Bella Rachlin, Chris Campana, JaCo Tartaruga, Eddie & Nadia Avila. Credit: Linda Marie

 Artistic Endeavors

While adhering to my own "visit Artist Alley" advice, I caught up with Guest Artists Will Torres and Fabrice Sapolsky. I have spoken with them at prior conventions and have seen their talent in action, these guys are the real deal! During BCC, they shared news of a special project, one that I found quite intriguing… ‘Sketch Jackets’ (copyright Will Torres & Fabrice Sapolsky).

Boston Comic Con

Sketch Jacket (artwork in progress) designed by Will Torres and fabrice Sapolsky. Credit: Linda Marie

Most individuals in the comic book realm are familiar with sketch covers. Sketch covers are real comic books that just have a blank cover on top of the regular comic book. In fact, if you open a sketch cover comic book, you will see it also has the actual cover of the comic book as well. The blank sketch cover is stapled on top of the regular comic book and is used by artists as a space for creating their own artwork. The problem always seemed to be in finding the best cover for the associated artwork.

Well, problem solved. Mr. Torres and Mr.Sapolosky designed a cover that is entirely blank and can be placed around ANY comic. The covers include a small bio about the artist(s), a watermark, as well as a Certificate of Authenticity… such a unique idea with endless options. Contact Will Torres and/or Fabrice Saplosky to learn more. I look forward to watching this project progress and obtaining my very own ‘Sketch Jacket’. ????

Boston Comic Con

Top left - First Sketch Jacket sold. Top right - Will Torres and Fabrice Sapolsky. Bottom Right - Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld approves. Credit: Will Torres

More on the Floor

After Artist Alley, I meandered my way across the floor to check out the various vendors and attractions. Tattoos, psychics, comic collections, toy displays, costumes, medieval weapons, intricate jewelry, figurines… so many choices!

Boston Comic Con

Endlesss variety at Boston Comic Con. Credit: Linda Marie

Boston Comic Con even delivered some motorized magnificence. Cars representing the likes of Wonder Woman, The Flash, and Agents of Shield were on display and ready for photos. Star Wars your thing? Stormtroopers marched their way through the masses, R2D2 strolled across the floor and C-3PO himself, Anthony Daniels delighted fans from galaxies far, far away. I even managed to grab a selfie with the adorable R2. There was a marvelous assortment of attractions available for pictures at no added cost... always a sweet deal!

Boston Comic Con

Array of attractions at Boston Comic Con. Credit: Linda Marie

Panel Pleasers

Capturing every single aspect of a convention is impossible for one person. Knowing that Boston Comic Con featured several fascinating panels throughout the weekend, I simply had to chose the one that peaked my interest most… Daredevil. As a fan of Charlie Cox, I must say, he did not disappoint. Mr. Cox was charming, witty, humorous, and inviting as he addressed questions during the Q&A. If given the opportunity to hear him speak again, I will gladly accept. 🙂 And while Charlie Cox was my panel priority, I did peek in on Stan Lee and Ian Somerhalder. Both were engaging and delightful. Of course, what fan wouldn’t be mesmerized by listening to such a legendary creator as Mr. Lee.

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Boston Comic Con

Charlie Cox addresses fan questions during Daredevil panel at Boston Comic Con. Credit: Linda Marie

Stylish Standouts

Last but certainly never least, the cosplayers. No single fandom seemed to dominate here. There were bits of Marvel, DC, Game of Thrones, Disney, and even Pennywise the Clown. Whatever the character, they were all dressed to impress!

Boston Comic Con

Cosplay strong at Boston Comic Con. Credit: Linda Marie

Thank You BCC

I want to thank Boston Comic Con for welcoming me into their home, it was an amazing weekend. The volunteers, staff, and security functioned seamlessly to provide fans with the best experience possible. My friend’s lost car key was located within 15 minutes by security… now that is impressive. Never underestimate the importance of those working behind the scenes.

Overall it was a well run and exciting weekend... I can officially say that Fan Expo events are on my list of ‘go-to’ comic cons. Now put them on yours!

Boston Comic Con

A packed house at Boston Comic Con. Credit: Linda Marie

See you next year!

Keeping you Comic Con-nected!

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