Blair Witch: More POV Horror Than Found Footage Film

Michael Whitlatch ComiConverse
September 12th, 2016

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Blair Witch 2016 is edging closer to its September 16 release date. The film's Writer, Simon Barrett, recently gave an interview to Bloody Disgusting in which he described his new approach to the franchise and how he's attempted to strike a balancing act between rebooting the original movie and expanding the Blair Witch mythology.

Blair Witch: More POV Horror Than Found Footage Film

Blair Witch Movie 2016

Credit: Lionsgate

Earlier this month, ComiConverse got you ready for the 2016 Blair Witch Movie with our complete franchise guide.

In his interview with Bloody Disgusting, Barrett was clear that, even with an expanded budget, he was intent on bringing the audience into a different cinematic experience than the "found footage" genre that the original film pioneered.


Source: Bloody Disgusting

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