Batman v Superman Images Released

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July 6th, 2015

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Batman v Superman Images Released

Batman v Superman images have been released!

San Diego Comic Con is approaching fast with each passing day. Fans across the country sit tight as they prepare themselves for new trailers, rumors, and announcements that will be made during the convention. The most anticipated panel this week will be the Warner Bros. and DC Comics panel within Hall H. This is due to the talk of possible casting news, Batman/Superman solo films announcement, new Batman v Superman trailer, Suicide Squad footage, and maybe some surprise announcements.

As Comic Con approaches many magazines and websites will be releasing their Comic Con previews as well as filling their covers with anticipated movies that will be talked about during the convention.

This week fans who can not wait for the DC Comics panel got a treat when Entertainment Weekly released their cover that features the “DC Trinity” (Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman). They were also treated with five brand new stills from Batman v Superman.

This cover will forever be known in comic books history. This is the first time that all three of DC Comics “Trinity” will be in the same live action film together, as well as the first time all three characters from the film have shown up in a picture together. One of the main criticisms for Batman in this image is that he looks “chunky”.  The inspiration for this Batman is from The Dark Knight Returns story line where he is not the usual slim build. Also the cover places Batman in front of a white background, which could cause him to look out of place.

One of the first images shown was of Batman (Ben Affleck) and Superman (Henry Cavill) staring each other down. This image is great due to this being the first time these two iconic heroes will be showing up together in the same film.

The next image released is one that has sparked a lot of excitement amongst DC Comics fans especially those who have watched the Justice League Unlimited animated series. This image depicts Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) at a high end party with fellow Justice League member Diana Prince a.k.a Wonder Woman.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly Ben Affleck was quoted in saying:

“I love the fact that there was this Thomas Crowne Affair, Bond-y sexy scene that they wrote about two people who are pretending to be two different people who each know the secrets of the other person,”

This will excite fans of the Justice League Unlimited series due to the constant romance between Batman and Wonder Woman. Another interesting aspect to this photo is when Affleck states that “..two different people who each know the secret of the other person,” thus insinuating that both Diana and Bruce now ones Batman and the others Wonder Woman. This could lead to interesting interactions between the two characters.

The next image is of Batman within his armored suit next to the Bat-symbol. This still is most likely right before Batman and Superman have their epic fight. It was confirmed that the suit is what Batman used in The Dark Knight Returns story line and will be strength augmenting and will in fact be laced with kryptonite.

The last major still released is of Lex Luthor, this image alone created huge buzz amongst fans. This was due to many fearing that they have allowed Superman's main arch-enemy to ditch his “chrome dome” status in favor of long hair. DC Comics fans do not worry, Lex Luthor will in fact be bald for most the movie as seen below. This will most likely be either a flashback or Lex wearing a wig towards the beginning of the film. This was the same for Gene Hackman who portrayed Lex Luthor in the 1970’s and 1980’s Superman films.

These images are certainly a treat for many fan who are excited to see what DC Comics has in store for fans at Comic Con and for those at home. There certainly will be big things to talk about this weekend whether a new Batman v Superman trailer is released or even regular footage. This is a chance for DC to steal the spotlight from Marvel, who won't be attending this weekend. Fans will have to wait till this Saturday for the DC panel, but all the waiting may be well worth it after DC stating there will be some "surprises" in store for fans this weekend.


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