Arrow’s New Trajectory

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July 30th, 2015

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Arrow’s New Trajectory
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Arrow is getting ready for another season and our Jonathan Thompson is here to look at where things might be headed for everyone's favourite archer.

He is Oliver Queen. After five years of being in Hell, he came home with only one goal – to save his city. He was a killer and a lone vigilante. To honour his best friend and his father, he can be judge, jury and executioner. Others have joined his crusade to save Starling City. To bring peace, he will have to be someone else. He has become something else.

My paraphrasing of Stephen Amell’s opening dialogue from the CW’s Arrow should give you a decent background on the journey Oliver Queen has taken since being rescued from Lian Yu. Armed with a bow, Queen saw it as his destiny to save his city. He’s faced a madman wanting revenge against the city for his wife’s murder, a psychopath hopped up on Mirakuru that wanted to destroy everything Oliver loved and the League of Assassins that wanted Oliver to be the next Ra’s al Ghul - their leader.

Arrow is Batman

The biggest complaint I’ve heard about season three of Arrow was that they were turning Oliver into Batman. I will partially agree to that, since Ra’s also wanted him to lead the League of Assassins only to have Oliver refuse, like Bruce Wayne has done numerous times. But, unlike Bruce, Oliver took off with Felicity to travel the world and be in love.

Green Arrow & Batman

It isn’t a far-fetched idea to model Arrow on Batman. When Green Arrow was created, was he not just another version of Batman? A rich kid who lost some part of his world, but goes on to learn how to combat evil and survive and who then comes home to don a mask and protect their cities?

There are obvious differences between the two men but not enough to hide the fact they are they are extremely similar.

Green Arrow & Green Lantern

However, the life of the Emerald Archer did take several turns that didn’t happen for the Caped Crusader. Oliver became a social activist and devoted his daring-do to helping the people on the street. The comics version even saw Oliver convincing Green Lantern, Hal Jordan to travel the country. There was even a time where, when he wasn’t wearing his green mask and hat, he was running Star City as the mayor.

But that’s not the same Oliver Queen we know from Arrow.

When we last saw Oliver, he wasn’t the same man we had come to know over the previous seasons.

So where does the path for Oliver Queen and Team Arrow go from here? 

Damien Darhk

Season four has been described by Amell as being about magic and mysticism. With the current casting that has taken place, we don’t have a clear picture on how that could happen. So far, it would seem that the meta-human who can control his playing card tattoos, Double Down, is the closest example we have seen so far. Of course, the show-runners could always change the origin of the anti-authority Anarky to have some basis in magic.

Even the “big bad” Damien Darhk, could be wrapped up in magical powers. In the comics, he was described as a mysterious man with immortal tendencies and not much else. Though he was affiliated with the organization known as the HIVE, which could lead to some very interesting confrontations between Darhk and John Diggle.

Diggle Guardian

Speaking of Diggle, it was revealed that he will receive a suit this season. From the early designs, it almost appears as if he’ll drop the name ARGUS assigned him, Freelancer, and become the Guardian. We'll all be waiting impatiently to see what name he takes.

White Canary

Along with Diggle getting a revival amongst a world of superheroes, we’ll be witness to the resurrection of Sara Lance and the birth of the White Canary before she heads over to Legends of Tomorrow.


Another future Legends of Tomorrow hero that will make his debut on Arrow, before going to be with the reincarnation of his wife, is Hawkman. His life is definitely full of mysticism, so maybe he’ll add a little magic to their world as well.

Mister Terrific

For the last hero to be revealed as of now, we have the all-around genius and Olympic-level athlete, Mister Terrific. I’m sure he’ll give Felicity a run for her money on the computers. Perhaps he'll hack her out of her seat to take over being the central command voice, like the character did on Justice League Unlimited.

Let’s hope he brings his spheres to Starling City to help out.

Green Arrow

Oliver will receive a new suit that will turn him into an urban soldier. That can’t be the only thing that will have changed with our hero.

He’s had a taste of real happiness so he maybe he won't be the same brooding and dark character we’ve come to know lately. Maybe we're close to seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I’m aware the show has a dark tone to it, but that doesn’t mean the main character can’t be brighter and less brooding.

With season for starting in October, we have just over two months to prepare ourselves for the next ride Arrow will take us on.

Sit back, let them draw that bowstring and hold on tight.

Drawing a bow

Now fire away!

Please shoot your thoughts as to where Arrow could go in the comments section.


Jonathan Thompson is a Contributor to ComiConverse.  Follow him on Twitter: @Jon_Toast

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